Alien Siege (2005, USA)

I’ve seen Alien Siege, a made-for-TV sci0fi when it came out. I accidentally watched it again a few weeks ago on TV because I totally forgot everything about it. While I enjoyed re-watching it again, there is a good chance I will forget it all over again. It just didn’t strike me more than a moderately amusing way to pass time.

While the script, the directing was nothing special, but some of the special effects and some of the acting were above average. The spaceships moving in space, approaching Earth were up to any movie’s standards. In comparison the effects used for events taking place on Earth and the computer screen animations often seemed laughably cheap and cheesy. Similarly, most of the actors came from TV series and they couldn’t really create the presence required to fill the big screen. The one exception was the protagonist’s (played by Brad Johnson), when he acted as a concerned father. That seemed genuine. So I checked and sure enough he has 8 kids, he is a real father. And unlike other Hollywood star all eight are from the same woman, his longtime wife. Thus when he went the extra length to save her daughter he was showing real paternal feelings.

For the record here is a summary from IMDB

A hostile alien race demands that millions of human lives be sacrificed in order to save their species from a deadly virus. Anyone unlucky enough to be selected is dead within 24 hours, rendered into liquid, which is then sent back to the alien world. The story centers on a scientist, Steven Chase, whose daughter is chosen for the lottery. Stephen joins a group of resistance fighters to save her, and they find themselves locked in a life-or-death struggle not just against the alien threat, but against the rest of humanity as well when the aliens decide to abandon their agreements with the governments of the world and simply harvest humans at will.


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