8 x 10 Tasveer (2009, India)

I’ve never seen an Indian paranormal detective story before–even if it was made and set in Canada–before. So when on a flight I had the chance to choose 8 x 10 Tasveer in the “world” selection I did. The premise is simple, our hero, a quiet park ranger, has the ability to see the circumstances of when a photo was taken. He has used his ability in the past to find missing people. When he father dies after falling of a boat an OCD ex-detective tries to convince him that it was murder. He doesn’t believe the guy, but eventually ventures into the perspective of all the people on the picture that was taken just before his father does. As he does this one by one he realizes that the detective might be right. The problem is every time he goes into the picture he has a near fatal heart attack. Yes, it was murder; no I am not going to tell you the twist towards the end that explains both the “who did it” and the origins of his abilities.

All of this sounds exciting or at least entertaining, right. So how come I was bored with the movie. It was slow pacing and with the exception of the single twist (which wasn’t very original) I could predict most of the action in advance. The only relief was watching the fidgeting of the OCD cop. I don’t know any of the actors, but I don’t think that Akshay Kumar, who played the protagonist, was suited for a serious role. He looked more like the dancing/singing romantic Bollywood hero type.

The film at IMDB.

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