Aliens in the Attic (2009, USA)

Aliens in the Attic is in the tradition of the best and worst of lighthearted summer movies aimed at young boys. It has physical slapstick comedy; almost unending sibling rivalry that ends only to save the family and the world; wacky, out of touch parents, unrespectable policeman and other adults, who are more alien than the little aliens that are attempting to invade Earth. I had mindless fun with this movie, maybe I found my new level of interest: It is suggested for ages 7 and up. So far what I listed are the clichés of these kind of movies, that’s why I said it has the worst of them, not much originality. On the other hand it takes talent to use existing ideas and repackage them for a new, entertaining show. I was entertained, particularly the battles between the kids (siblings ad cousins) and the invading aliens (classic little green figures with big teeth) as they protect their vacation home.


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