Alien Trespass (2009, USA)

Alien Trespass is a successfully executed parody of 1950’s style monster movies. The opening captures well the feel of both the newsreels of the time and the rest of movie is in the same colors (literally: gaudy for today’s taste) and tone that those movies were made in. Halfway through the movie we realize thought that it is not really a parody it is the real thing. It really is about the hideous monster that keeps appearing and disappearing at will and threaten the local population. It is also about the cooperation of a girl from a small town and the interstellar cop who is chasing the monster, but is running out of time.

The cop, played by Eric McCormack, aka Will from the TV comedy series of Will and Grace, was the undisputable star of movie. Some of the other faces I’ve seen but didn’t recognize. As I was expecting a bit more the movie, both in terms of parodying the genre it picks up on and being funnier I was disappointed. Had I hoped for a simple, old style B-movie I wouldn’t have been.


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