Eden Log (2007, France)

Eden Log was the first science fiction movie for a long time that felt truly new to me. It was dirty and messy like hell. This was intentional as the movie opens with quoting Genesis 3:23, referring to man’s banishment from the Garden of Eden. The main (and for most of the movie the only) character crawled out from a muddy crevice of the earth with little light. The movie spends a lot of time focusing on the crawling itself, i.e. he tries to get from deep underground to the surface and the journey is arduous and confusing. He has even less selflessness than Kaspar Hauser, although he can speak. The movie draws a parallel of between regaining your memory/knowledge of who you are and your surrounding. The two intertwines, but it is an extremely slow process.

This is not even a black and white movie, as it is mostly black. It is also a post-technology film in the sense that while it is set in the future, but gadgets, buttons and tools take a back eat in the visuals. It is all about human, or more precisely about one prototypical man. The sole survivor of something terrible who has to use ll his inner and physical strength along with his drive to solve the mystery.

If man is banished from the biblical Eden, because he ate from the tree of knowledge, then this movie is the revenge of the tree of life. It reminds us that our universe is frangible, even if we don’t like to think of it and believe that we can control it and encapsulate our lives into a protective bubble. I know that this sentence hangs without context, but you have to see the very end of the movie to get it, including the last 5 seconds before the credits. If you miss that then the whole movie’s message will be lost on you.

You can read the step-by-step description of the plot on Wikipedia, but it will not provide you the atmosphere, which is the most important element of the movie. I liked it, because I have an affinity to the darker and (post-)industrial and (post-)apocalyptic side of things.

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