Far Cry (2008, USA)

I wish actors I like would appear only in movies I can like. My wish was evidently not granted when I watched Far Cry, because it had Til Schweiger and Udo Kier in it. The former cannot help it that he has the body type of an action hero, so he is often cast as such. Oh no, he (or his agent) can help it as he shined in several comedies and dramas. He is much more than a strong body and pretty face, but you wouldn’t know it from Far Cry. Similarly Udo Kier’s translucent eyes and stone cold face make him an excellent villain. Again, he is very capable actor,but that side of him is unknown from the Hollywood production where he was typecast as evil genius. In his European flicks he is much more versatile.

I should have done my homework and learn more about the film before renting it. I would have learned that is based on a shoot-em-up computer game, rarely a good sign. The one liner summary tells enough : “Two Seattle reporters investigate the deaths of mercenaries on an island off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.” There are a few good lines in the script, but there is no development, drama, nothing interesting in it as a whole. Visually its full of cliches (and not even the best ones),didn’t bring anything new to the genre. Oh well, it was simple, but boring fun, while it lasted.

The film @ IMDB.

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