High Plains Invaders (2009, USA)

Yippee for a cross between a western and a sci-fi that is not corny, trying to be a comedy. “High plains invaders” is set in the Wild West in 1890. A small uranium mining town (mind you the locals didn’t know why they were getting sick) is getting ready to hang a handsome criminal, played by James Marsters (Buffy’s Spike), when the alien monsters attack the place in search for food, i.e. the radioactive substance. Luckily for us the criminal is a good fellow and saves who he can, while it turns out he maybe not be a criminal either. Beyond and within the dirty little tenement the picture is full of typical characters such as damsels in distress, a good-hearted nurse, a miserable drunk, a scientist of some sorts, who knows more than he should, corrupt(, but also honest) officials, a frugal shopkeeper and so on. The day and possible Earth is saved by the cooperation of the willing and survivors. ‘Nuff said if this little sci-fi made pretty well from its low budget.

DVD @ Amazon.com. (Coming in April)

The film @ IMDB.

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