Before Sunset (2004, USA)

It took me four tries but finally I managed to watch “Before sunset.” If you are not at the right mood to listen to two people for talking more than an hour with minimal interruptions with others you would find this movie as boring as the first part “Before sunrise.” I never saw the original and at this point I may not. As far as I can figure out from the sequel in that movie a two young people met by accident in Vienna spent a dy and a night together and then split. They didn’t exchange phone numbers but agreed to meet half a year later at the same spot.

Fast forward nine years, where Before sunset picks up. The American boy, played by Ethan Hawke, wrote a best selling book about that one night stand. On the lat leg of his book tour in Paris, the French girl, played by Julie Delpy, shows up and they spend a coupe of hours talking things over. There are a number of reasons I could stand this movie now and couldn’t earlier. One, I spent a most unusual night in Paris 6 weeks ago, although I didn’t meet (and barely talked to) anybody. Two, I have more patience nowadays to movies that have less action or visually stunning cinematography.

But mainly, I could observe the nuances of not just the male/female dynamics, but also the American/European style of conversation from more of an insider point of view. I mostly noticed things on both sides that I do not care for, but more interestingly attitudes that I may have myself. That was what grabbed my attention. When contrasting his faux laissez fair approach with her passionate mind-set I had to realize that deep down they are struggling with similar feelings: the pain of missed connection.

I have to admit that I also enjoyed towards then how Delpy invoked the coquetry of Nina Simone. It was a great preamble for closure.


IMDB’s summary: It’s nine years after Jesse and Celine first met; now, they encounter one another on the French leg of Jesse’s book tour.

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