Humanity’s End (2009, USA)

Reduce, reuse, recycle” is good principle when it comes to garbage. It;’s not so good when we are talking about movies. “Humanity’s End” was made from a reduced budget compared to a lot of science fiction movies. Although the director, Neil Johnson, had more money to play with than at his previous films. It definitely reused visual ideas from all over the place. However I am familiar enough with the visual cues and traditions of space operas this nicely fit in those traditions. It satisfied my craving for space flights and fight and humanoids battling non-humanoids.

None of the above had to be be a problem, it still could have been a good movie. Unfortunately though the ideas and major elements of the plot are also recycled from other movies. It is supposedly be in the universe where the director’s previous movies are set in. I’ve ever seen those, so all I can say that it sounded too familiar. Maybe this history explains why we need spend the first 6 -7 minutes of the movie getting a narrated, convoluted history lesson of a fictional distant past.

The end result is that there is only one man alive (and a few woman) and he has to survive for humanity not to perish. He is a slimy pirate, who I guess was supposed to be charming in a Han Solo way. He wasn’t. He seems more noble towards the end. That image, however feels unauthentic because it is so out of the character that was built up for him.

I want to say one more positive thing about the movie, because I was not just annoyed but entertained by it. It deserves the recognition for strong female characters. The real heroes were all female. That was fun, even if they were often depicted in a sexist way. The verdict: don’t seek out this movie, but if you find it on TV and like sci-fi cliches then you don’t have to switch to the next channel.


IMDB’s summary: The last man in the universe is hunted down by a hybrid race known as the Nephilim.


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