Cracks (2009, UK)

Eva Green played an eccentric artist, in her last film, “Franklyn”, who plays with death. In “Cracks” She plays an adventures world traveler who has decided to settle a bit and teach at a girl’s boarding school. But this role is similar to the previous as here she is an artist of life and her canvas are the young minds and boies of her student. She is charismatic in both movies an ha a secret too. With this movie she proved to those who cannot pass her beauty that she is a good actress, she si seductive when she wants to be, phobic when the script calls for that, free-spirited almost all the time.

Besides her and the girls acting what you will enjoy most in this movie is the lush scenery. The meadows, the corridors of the school, the small port of the island, the lake with the diving station, the cathedral where the choir sings… are all beautifully photographed by John Mathieson (Gladiator, K-PAX, Kingdom of Heaven, August Rush) in Ireland. As first feature films of a director go this quite well done. Jordan Scott‘s, Ridley Scott’s daughter’s debut is stunning, emotional in a good way, but a bit predictable. The looming tragedy and uncovering of a fraud lingers form the very beginning, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the many beautiful scenes.


IMDB’s summary: Within the confines of a strict, all-girls English boarding school (circa 1930s), a clique students participate on the swim team not only to pass the time, but to be close to their swimming instructor, the enigmatic, yet charismatic, Miss G (Eva Green). While Miss G originally encourages their idolization and crack (crush) on her, the teachers attention is quickly focused on the arrival of an exotic and beautiful Spanish foreign pupil, Fiamma (María Valverde). As the new girl rebuffs her classmates, and further rejects Miss Gs interest, her teammates begin to grow jealous of Miss Gs fascination with Fiamma, and resent the latters distain of their instructor, accumulating in the inexplicable disappearance of Fiamma.


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