Wayland: New Year at the pier (2009)

The winner of this year’s Sydney Taylor Book Award for youngest children was “New Year at the pier: a Rosh Hashanah story,” by April Halprin Wayland. Ms Wayland wrote the book but when you open the book you will also be amazed by Stephane Jorisch‘s illustrations. They are lively, colorful and have a classy feeling as if they were drawn the 1920’s or 30’s of the last century. They evoke that old world charm we feel when paging through children’s books of that ear, yet at the same time they are multiethnic and clearly showing the New World.

The story is sweet and educational too. It explains from the perspective of Izzy, a young child what Tashlich is about and what he seeks forgiveness for . It teaches how hard it can be to gain it, but also how rewarding to give it. Instead of writing more about the story I would like to show its book-trailer. (A book-trailer is a like a movie trailer but for books.)

The book @ Amazon.com

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