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As I am collecting scholarly articles on the topic of online religion to read I realize that I will need a system to organize them. For now I created a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs. Right now I have 53 articles listed in them.  My plan is that I will read one by one the 41 that is available to me  and post my reactions, observation about each. I will probably keep adding articles to the list though. For now I am quite omnivorous and want to read everything I can find on the topic. Later I might narrow my appetite.

A note on the Google Docs version. The document has many columns such as title, authors, publication date, source, URL, availability, my blog URL (if it exists) date added to the spreadsheet and abstract. In the version I am working on it is is easy to sort by any of these. However others could sort it only if I  share it with the whole world, but that would mean anyone could edit it. I am not ready for that. Instead I published it as a webpage and also made the CSV version available. If you download this latter and open it with your spreadsheet software that you can sort it anyway you want. At a (much) later point when I create a website dedicated to this topic there will be a simple webpage version of the list that anyone would be able to sort without having to download a file.

Finally, in order that I could find the list fast I added it as a webpage to this site. At the top of the page, right at the About: button from now on you will see a link to the page. I hope eventually it can be useful for others. For now it only has the most recent articles and some of the classics.

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