Is Apple Really A Religion?

Last week I posted about Heidi Campbell‘s article on iPhone4 as religion. Since the, on Friday, she posted another entry on her blog as a reaction to a furry of emails by angry Mac fans. They reacted not to the academic article, not even to the article in a popular magazine, but to a misquote of Campbell’s words on Fox News. She explains it all in her post. The short version is that the journalist deduced that she was making the claim that “Apple is a religion.” based on the following written answer she gave to a question:

“The religious like behavior and language surrounding Apple devotion/fandom  could be interpreted as an example of ‘implicit religion’, where secular activities/rituals & artifacts take on sacred like attributes due to how they are used and viewed by some fans. Implicit religion demonstrates technology use can take on a religious role or quality in postmodern culture when it substitutes for belief and behaviours once attached to religion and religious practice.”

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