Patheos: The Future of Religion

Patheos is halfway through its series on “The Future of Religion.” First a word about Patehoes from their “about” page: “[it] is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world’s beliefs.” Based on the further description (see below) it seems they position themselves as the new; a place to:

  • Explore religious beliefs and histories through a deep library of accurate, balanced information on the world’s religions, as well as through unique interactive lenses that allow visitors to compare, contrast and explore religions and belief systems in new and innovative ways
  • Enrich the global dialogue on religion and spirituality through responsible, moderated discussions on critical issues across religious traditions, in the site’s unique Public Square
  • Experience religious traditions, both online and off, through a variety of multimedia applications and online directories
  • Engage in intra-faith discussion through religion-specific portals, designed to provide a forum for discussion and public interaction

And now about their Future of Religion series:

As new forms of worship and belief continue to evolve in the twenty-first century, we have asked thought leaders from a variety of religious traditions to talk about the future of religion. What trends will influence how people across the spectrum of faiths worship and practice? What are the challenges and opportunities that will confront faith leaders? What are the controversial issues? Will cooperation or conflict between religions be dominant in the years ahead? What reform movements will shape the future of belief?

Essays will tackle such subjects as race, interfaith relations, blogging, theological controversies, gender issues, proselytizing, music, emerging movements, politics, and film.

For each week they have between a dozen and 20 articles from prominent and/or interesting representatives of the religion discussed that week. Readers can comment right below the articles and the comments will show up on Facebook as well.

Here are some essays pertinent to the “online religion” topic:

I will post links to more relevant articles at the end of the series, after all of them appear online.

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