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Paul Teusner posted three entries on his blog reflecting on presentations at the Conference on Media, Religion and Culture 2010. In the first one he summarized two presentations on “religious videos and personalities,” one on Islam and the other on Christianity, titled respectively “Building Religious Authority in the Media Age” and “The Struggle for Religious Authority in Dynamic Web 2.0 Environments.” Teusner found “in both presentations a great comparison between “viewers” and “users” in the negotiation of religious text, meaning and authority in videos in both platforms.”

His second entry is less relevant for us as it was about “the struggle between church and media as meaning-making institutions in the context of [the] television program, Rescue Me.” But his third entry focused on a presentation about “a small conservative Christian community on the Atlantic side of Canada, who wanted to go live online, by video-streaming their services.” The most important sentence from this post for me was, “Going live online for them was a test where the search for new and distant friends and fellow congregants required the relinquishment of control over their own church environment.”

Thank you, Paul, for your notes that accompanied nicely the abstracts I read earlier.

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