Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010, USA)

There are three reasons I enjoyed Resident Evil: Afterlife. First of all, I saw it in a movie theater, so the special effects had a chance to work their magic on me and they did. Second, I was expecting lots of high tech action and got that. Third, I didn’t read anything about the plot in advance and haven’t seen any previews, so the storyline surprised me. Based on my memory, how the previous installment ended, I thought it will be mostly set in Japan, showing Alice’s action against the evil corporation there. But the country was done in the first 5 minutes and then Alice did her things there in the next 10. After that the action took place elsewhere on the planet.

Unfortunately there were plenty of aspects that spoiled my fun. My major complaint is that humor and sexiness was all gone from the flick. I smiled only once, when Wentworth Miller first appeared on screen. He was in a cage at the basement of a maximum security prison. I found that funny as I mostly know this actor as the main character “Michael Scofield” in the TV series “Prison Break.” There his main job was breaking out of various prisons. And here he is again in the same spot.

Ever since The Fifth Element I thought that one of the characteristics of Milla Jovovich was being sexy. In the previous three installments of Resident Evil movies she was, and even Ultraviolet. (I also enjoyed her acting in more dramatic roles like in The Million Dollar Hotel or in .45.) Here, all charm of her was gone: she was reduced to a mean killing machine. The “funny” thing is that at one point in the film she thanked someone for making her human again, while she seemed to be much less of that than in the past.

I also seem to like less and less shooting scenes where one survives dozens of people shooting at her with machine guns and then manages to kill all of them with a single or a few shot. I know that the expectation of being realistic in action flicks is unrealistic, but nudging the odds closer to the real world would make a better movie for me, even at the cost of reduced body count or being slightly less spectacular.

Then there was the low quality of the script, particularly of the dialogs and the holes in the plots, that left me unsatisfied. Overall I left the cinema with mixed feelings. I was entertained for 90 minutes, but it could have been so much more fun. Maybe I should have seen the 3D version, but I admit I wasn’t up for all the dizzying jumps and zombies attacking me in the face.

IMDB’s summary: While still out to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation, Alice joins a group of survivors who want to relocate to the mysterious but supposedly unharmed safe haven known only as Arcadia.


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