SRL: An Explosion of Ungovernable Rage

Yesterday afternoon we got to the location of Survival Research Labs‘  “An Explosion of Ungovernable Rage” event at 3 PM. We stood in the rain, but fortunately under a tree, for half an hour until the show started. It lasted about 20-25 minutes. I managed to capture most of it on a video. I just realized that YouTube allows now 15 minute long clips (as opposed to the previous 10), so I edited out some of the slower parts to fit this limitation.  My camera only recorded the first 90 seconds of the sound, so for the rest I repeated that audio segment, sometimes slowed it down a bit. Here is the video:

The pictures we tried to take during the show with the cellphone’s camera are so little and so few that they are not worth putting up. I took a few pictures before and after the show with my regular camera. Here is a selection of them.

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3 thoughts on “SRL: An Explosion of Ungovernable Rage

  1. John Colle Rogers

    Hey there, John Rogers from SRL. We were delighted to find your video at our afterparty, and played it repeatedly. You nicely captured the Motoman schooling the shiny robot in the fine art of hand to hand combat, and the editing captures the flow nicely. I am also cracking up at your comment on looping and slowing the sound byte you had. As the tri-horn operator (the one hanging from the forklift), I can;t wait to listen to the video again after reading that. So thanks for posting, I think Karen linked the vid on the site — that oughta get you some hits.
    Cheers and keep posted for the next bit of mayhem —-JCR


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