Cannon: Stellaluna (1993)

Pop culture saturates the lives of most people living in contemporary society. Unless you are a hermit (and was brought up in isolation) you will be familiar with at least the major figures of the art and entertainment scene of your geographic era. This may have some interesting effect on your life and personality. I wonder in what ways will the life of my daughter be influenced by the fact that we named her Stella. One way is that she is often greeted with a Marlon Brandon impersonations from the “Streetcar Named Desire” movie where he shouts the name on the street with an infamous intonation.

Another way is that we already received two children books where the protagonists bear the same name. Or at least partially, as in Janell Cannon‘s awardwinning books Stellaluna from 1993. Half of its 46 pages contain the text and the other half, alternating pages have beautiful simple illustrations of the little bat’s story who grows up among birds. The adorable book has sweet and exciting parts and I loved how the lesson was summed up at the end:

“How can we be so different and feel so much alike?”
“And how can we feel so different and be so much alike?” wondered Pip.
“Because we’re friends,” said Stellaluna, “and that’s a fact.”

I my daughter will have friends and will be able to internalize the truth in the above conversation. She may learn it only through interactions with her friends, but till then at least she can read about it from the book, that she loves to hold already.

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