Summary of the week starting November 7

This week started of with having a busy Sunday. I wrote up the report of what I did for my library blog here, but let me just tell you that I read a book for kids, lead a discussion with teenagers and another one with adults at my synagogue. We discussed with the teens the question “Is Facebook God?” I posted the handout of the event on my blog about online religion . The only other post on that blog this was my drash, where I connected Jacob’s dream of angels on an escalator with digital literacy.

My blog about/for Forestville was still dormant this week, but on my personal blog I summed up my opinion on three books (Under the Domim TreeStellalunaIt Could Always Be Worse) and two movies (A Canterbury Tale, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World). I also posted images  of our daughter on five and images ouf our garden on six days of the week. Thw two newsworthy item of the week was that we had a nanny for the first time taking care of Stella for two days of the week and we took Thursday afternoon off to go to the forest and the ocean.

    My self-portrait of the week was done in the office/gym.

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