Salt (2010, USA)

Despite my impressions based on the preview I watched Salt, the action/spy movie with Angelina Jolie. My preliminary feeling was that it would be filled continuity errors, because the filmmakers would count on the action and the star’s beauty to draw attention away from the thin story. My feelings were right, but I didn’t expect that the story would be predictable too. Nevertheless, I sat tight throughout the movie and didn’t leave the cinema, just to make sure I got the end right. I did, so at least I could be satisfied with myself, because the closing twist happened exactly the way I thought it would. Or maybe I cannot even be proud of myself, because it was too transparent.

Eh, I  cannot complain. I got my shot of car chases, shootouts, international espionage, cold war relics and evil Russian guys punished. What else would want from a spy-flick. Logic, intrigue, clever story, originality is overrated anyway. My only fear (no, not fear itself), but that they would make a sequel.

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IMDB’s summary: A CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy.


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