Cutting trees

One morning last week I noticed big branch in our driveway, right where my wife’s car usually stands. Fortunately she was at work when the limb fell so it didn’t cause any damage. We’ve been planning to get some of the dead, sick or dying branches taken off from the trees that were over our driveway before they would hit a car. This safe warning gave us the prompt so we called Damian at Abundant Earth and he managed to squeeze us in to his schedule for the next day.

That morning we also called PG&E and asked them to come out and remove the branch that was resting already on a high wire. Both Damian and the PG&E truck arrived within 10 minutes of each other in the pourng rain. I have to praise the PG&E person–whose name I didn’t catch–because he did a prompt and professional job of taking the offending branches off. When he was gone Damian got to work and in three hours he managed to take care of not just of the two big branches over the driveway (and its dozens of smaller parts), but also some branches over our garden. We asked him to do that so more are would get exposure to the sun for gardening purposes. We are really happy with his work, speed, focus, energy and attention.

Here are some of the branches he cut off. And how our tree looks now.

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