Drupal Learning Journal 21. Ubercart 2

I spent more time working with Ubercart, a drupal ecommerce tool and couldn’t help learning a few things. :-)

  1. I wanted to create custom invoices as part of the ordering, order management process. I got that far that I made a modified version of  the /sites/all/modules/ubercart/uc_order/uc_order-customer.tpl.php file, but it didn’t want to show up in the GUI as an invoice template I could use. So I posted my request for help at the right forum and in a few hours I got my answer. Turns out there is a little module designed for this specific purpose, called UberInvoice. It works and yet again I am grateful for the spirit of open source development.
  2. There is not much I can document about it, but I am happy that I now understand conditional actions in Drupal. E.g. I managed to set up the sales tax handling: 9.25% for people with California billing address. (Yes, the company I am  making the site for is based in CA.) I also configured five different shipping options and prices, also using conditional actions. Pretty nifty tool.
  3. I also managed to install and make work a module that allows the store/site to have both specials (discounts by % of $ off on certain items) and coupons (using unique code customer gets $ or % off). It was another module, Ubercart Discounts (Alternative) that allowed me to do it. I made the mistake of thinking that I can just using it, but it didn’t work right away. Once I read and followed the “readme.txt” file’s instructions all was well. I still have some learning to do about how to set up all the possible specials and coupons, but the option I was interested in ($1-2 off from certain items) is working now.

3 thoughts on “Drupal Learning Journal 21. Ubercart 2

  1. Doug Silbert

    great post! I just came across this blog post looking for the same info on ubercart tax rates. could you elaborate a little bit on how you set up the rules? i applied the tax rate, but can’t figure out the right conditional actions to implement it.

  2. Terry

    Working on setting up the conditional actions for tax right now, and I’m stuck. I’m using all of the latest known good versions of Drupal, ubercart, etc. When I add a new tax rate, then go to configure the condition, I get stuck. Maybe I’m not using the right field to compare to in the pull-down, but when I select what I’ve seen in a few other sites as examples, my state pull-down is empty, and I can’t continue. Am I possibly missing an optional module?

    Very frustrating. Should be simple, and from what I read, it usually is for others installs. I can’t seem to Google the right thing in order to get documentation or examples enough to help. Any links or thoughts to get me aimed in the right direction?



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