Triple Joy Division

Last week I stumbled upon the introductory video of a new club in Budapest: Doboz (The Box). I liked the video (see below) and not just because its soundtrack started off with a Joy Division song, but also because it was trying to get Budapest’s Zeitgeist.

Over the weekend I watched a British movie titled The Trip. It is about two friends traveling on the British countryside. Again, at the beginning of their journey one of them puts in a Joy Division CD into the car’s stereo and decides that this music should set the tone for their adventures.

And today I found out that Peter Hook, one of the original memebres of the band will be touring the US and performing one of two Joy Division records from beginning to end at every sity of the tour. They will play “Closer” in San Francisco on September 17. Last year he played at the same venue, Mezzanine, but was sold out by the time I learned about it. Maybe I’ll have better luck this year.

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