Johnny Otis @ Sushi Hana

Wednesday night we had dinner at Sebastopol’s Sushi Hana. If we go there we usually do it on Wednesdays in memory of “dollar sushi” days. There is no longer any sushi for a buck, but you can still get a good deal on sushi on those days. On the wall above our table were three photos, signed by and of Johnny Otis. He enthusiastically recommended the place in 1995 as the bast sushi in NorCal. For some reason my eyes kept wondering onto those photos. Then I learned that he passed away Thursday, the day after I kept looking at him. Premonition?

A relative of mine will dedicate his radio show to him and to Etta James, who also left s, tomorrow, between 5.30 and 7 PM PST on KZFR. Here is a Johnny Otis song for all of us


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