Digital Movie Browsing System

Yesterday I posted a thesis that related to music and religion, which was a blind spot on my map of interests. Today I found another topic I usually don’t think about: films online. Specifically the thesis of three students, Nazlena Mohamad Ali, Alan F. Smeaton, Hyowon Lee, at the Institute of Visual Informatics (IVI), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia showed up on my radar, titled, “Designing an Interface for a Digital Movie Browsing System in the Film Studies Domain“. The abstract of the ten page paper (available in full PDF) reads:

This article explains our work in designing an interface for a digital movie browsing system in the  specific application context of film studies. The development of  MOVIEBROWSER2  follows some  general design guidelines based on an earlier user study  with  film studies students at Dublin City University. These design guidelines have been used as an input to the MOVIEBROWSER2 system  design. The rationale for the interface design decisions has been elaborated. An experiment has been  carried out among film studies student, together with a one-semester trial deployment. The results show positive feedback and a better performance in the students’ essay outcome with higher perceived  satisfaction levels.

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