Kalevet (Rabies) (2010, Israel)

Poster for Rabies

As far as I know the Kalevet (Rabies) is the first “mainstream” Israeli horror movie. By main-stream I mean that it was done with some of the country’s best known actors. I wish they had chosen to spend a little more money to hire a better story and scriptwriter. This film is a predictable slasher, where almost everyone dies following overused formulas.

The most annoying aspect of the flick: the make-up special effects artist seems to be concerned only around the jaw/lower half of the face area. People kept popping up blood dripping only from that part of their body. This repetitiveness undermined the little credibility the story had.

Enough said.

Description from the distributor’s site:

Fresh from its successful run at Tribeca’s official Cinemania Competition and winning the Critic’s Award at the Fantasporto FF comes Rabies, Israel’s first-ever horror flick.

Shot in 19 days on a shoestring budget, this gruesome slasher pays homage to its American B-movie roots with a winking, camp-heavy script and an impressive A-list cast.

A brother and sister in their twenties, run away from home after their dark secret is discovered. They find temporary refuge in a deserted nature reserve. When the sister falls into a hunting trap, set by a psychotic killer, the brother sets out in a race against time to rescue her. A forest ranger and his old dog, two apathetic cops, four tennis players and a murderer will all be gradually drawn into a whirlwind of misunderstandings, fears and violence.


As a member of the Jewish Film Festival, organized by the Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County, I preview movies to help decide which ones to play at the Festival. I watched this movie as part of this volunteer effort.

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