Flyer for David J. at Santa Rosa's Christy's - 2012-01-26

David J. at Santa Rosa’s Christy’s – 2012-01-26 (with video)

I’ve first seen David J (of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets fame) live May 2003 in Santa Cruz. I was impressed with his show and songs right away. Next, I saw him April 2010, in Santa Rosa and even wrote a little blog entry about the evening. I didn’t make it to his show, when he was in town last August. I “mostly” made it though a couple of weeks ago.

The show as scheduled to start at 10 PM, so we told our baby-sitter, a family member, that we’d be home by midnight. We were dutifully at “Christy’s on the Square“, a downtown bar exactly at 10 PM. We asked at the door when will the show start and was told right away. So we went, in had two mojitos (one virgin for the dedicated driver and one not-so-virgin) and were ready for the show.  When 20 minutes later a woman with a guitar, whose name I didn’t catch, started to play I got concerned. I knew that a guy was supposed to be the support band, so when I noticed the gender of the pre-support band, I realized it would be a long night.  Her name was Ash Thursday, as I later learned from the event’s Facebook page, and played about 20 minutes.

After a short break Dominic East played a half an hour set or so. I never heard of him or the band he seemed to be famous for: Rogue Wave. His songs all seemed to have been twisted love songs, were funny and his style was engaging, but by this time I was too worried about when David J would start. Plus Dominic looked like an overgrown toddler, which made it difficult to consider him seriously. Here is the only song I captured from his set:

Finally, around 11.40 David J came on stage. Based on the stage setup I immediately realized that it would be a less theatrical show, than the one I attended 2 years ago. Still, his songs can stand on their own, I thought. Right before his set started we positioned ourselves at the edge of the stage, also known as on bar stools. That explains the weird angle of the videos I shot, including the very first song’s: “Crocodile Tears and the Velvet Cosh“.

For the next song he invited onstage McKenna Frazer, the daughter of a friend of his. As you can hear he also told the story of their collaboration on  “I’ll Be Your Chauffeur“.

The third song, “Hot Sheet Hotel” started right before midnight, by when I was very anxious and conscious of the time.

When it was over we decided to stay for one more song, “Dog-End of a Day Gone“, even though we felt we might be in big trouble with our sitters.

After this we rushed home. we learned our lesson and next time we’d only go out for a  late night show, if we have the baby for a sleepover somewhere. Despite the circumstances and the evening cut short we had a good time.

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