Ash Reiter and The Blank Tapes concert @ post-Valentine

We were both busy on Valentine’s day itself, so we postponed our date for two days. On the 16th we sort of piggy backed on the idea that we need a baby sitter anyway because of the board meeting,  we had to attend. That doesn’t sound romantic, but we could fulfill our commitment and have a good times.  So we had a great and early dinner at Riviera Ristorante, then went to the board meeting. By the time it was over we were quite tired and hesitant whether we should go out for longer. Eventually the temptation of having more fun won and we drove to Aubergine in Sebastopol, to listen to bands we didn’t know anything about.

When we got there the place was not hopping as we hoped for, but the music and the ambience was pleasant, so we stayed. On stage seemed to be three piece band. As we learned it really was two people from the usually five-piece Ash Reiter plus one person from The Blank Tapes. Ash Reiter is both the name of the band and its lead singer, who had a bit of a cold.  She was still pleasant to listen, but what really caught my attention was the drummer’s skills. We caught about 6-7 of her songs, out of which I recorded this four:

Broken Drum:

Ex-Favorite One:

Blue Eyes:


We liked the music so much that we bough her CD. Having listened to it, I can recommend it as smooth modern pop. Her set was followed by The Blank Tapes, but we were way too tired to enjoy this more experimental set, not to mention, that one of the band members acted so weirdly that it alienated us a bit. Here are the two songs I “taped” of The Blank Tapes:

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