Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (Crusade in Jeans/Crusade: A March Through Time) (2006, USA)

Kruistocht in spijkerbroek (Crusade in Jeans/Crusade: A March Through Time) (2006, USA)Emily Watson is so great that ever since I learned that she played in a time traveling sci-fi movie I have been hunting for it. But I was looking for  this Belgian movie (original title “Kruistocht in spijkerbroek“) under the wrong title (“Crusade in Jeans“), because that’s how IMDB listed it. A couple of days ago, jut for the fun of it I searched for “crusade” and this movie showed up under the Crusade: A March Through Time title. It ended up being everything and more I wanted it to be, except not a lot of Ms. Watson.

But I got treated to a fun little teen-stuck-in-the-middle-ages flick mixed with inevitable romance and fights. In addition it was different from the rest of the other movies in the genre in two important aspects. First, the protagonist was a positive role model, who genuinely wanted to help.: he stood up for starving children’s rights, fed the hungry and helped to cure the sick. He was much more Christ-like than the so-called crusaders.

Second, it led me to check out a real history lesson. I’ve learned about the Crusades in the past, but never heard of theChildren’s Crusade of 1212. Below is a three minute digital story book version of the event and here is a relatively recent academic book on the topic: The Children’s Crusade: Medieval History, Modern Mythistory  by Gary Dickson


IMDB summary: After using his mother’s newly built time machine, Dolf gets stuck involuntary in the year 1212. He ends up in a children’s crusade where he confronts his new friends with modern techniques. The crusade however turns out to be even trickier than first imagined.


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