2013: The year of fun, body and spirit

Two years ago I posted my new year’s resolutions intentions. I could do/post the exact same ones this year as I am still interested in all of those: i.e. making more money, getting better at web tech (drupal/wordpress), doing more scholarly reading and research. BTW: I failed on the specifics I set that year in all three areas. I cherish though the failure, because it taught me to be more flexible and prepared for change. Last year I didn’t post any resolutions or intentions, instead an animation of my areas of interests. I am still interested ni the same things, so I could post it again. However that picture was focusing only on my mind/intellect.

This year I shift focus. While all of the above is still important (money, skills, studying, interests), but I want to spend more time and energy on three other areas as well:

Fun: I need to lighten up more and find more fun in my life. Also I need to recognize and remember when I am having fun. Fun is all around me I just need to be more open to it. Then I can be more fun for others too.

Body: I want to become stronger and healthier. I’ve been going to the gym more regularly in 2012 (125 times) as in any previous year and I had a few sessions with a trainer, but I want to expand my activities to classes and vary what I do there. I also managed to lose and keep off a dozen pounds, I need to keep up with that and lose a bit more.

Spirit: I’ve been working with a life coach for most of 2012 and it was great help. I want to keep up with the inner work and pay more attention to my inner workings. At the same time I want to get back to Judaism, be it reading or practicing. I recall how good I felt, when I did it. (See, having more fun above.)

That’s all. Simple, isn’t it? The key is how to find the balance time for those during the course of daily life. Hence this post, which can serve as a reminder to myself.

P.s. OK. I cannot resist to share one specific idea of how to have more fun. I plan to take and share a picture a day. Hopefully they can be fun and/or interesting and/or showing beauty. Who knows, in the process I may become a better photographer.

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