Fun: Week 3

We had two fun night out and a mixed one too this week. The mixed one on Thursday, included a good board meeting that didn’t continue as planned. Our daughter was with her grandfather so in theory we had a night out. The plan was that after the board meeting we would have some fun, e.g. go to the movies or something similar. First we gave a ride to one of the board members whose ride didn’t arrive to pick him up after the meeting (that ended earlier than usual.) As we didn’t plan ahead the fun part of the evening we had limited choices and time at 9 PM. But we made it to the movie theater where Life of Pi was playing at 9.15. So we thought. turns out the paper where we got the info from was wrong and the movie was not playing. This was the second time we missed this movie. Then we were just undecided what to do, so didn’t do anything beyond getting some mango juice and yogurt, took it over to where Stella was and had some mango lassi with the family. That was fun, but not exactly what we planned . Or more precisely what we didn’t plan.

Wednesday however after we worked out at the gym, we were more spontaneous and the three of us had some nice Vietnamese dinner out. Then we walked over to another restaurant, where I remembered seeing good looking cakes on display. We shared a really rich and nice chocolate cake. It was tall, dark, moist, sweet, just as it should be. It was delicious

Friday Stella’s Boppa took her again for the day so we had another chance to go out. That we did, as right after I finished work we went to see Life of Pi. This time we actually made it too. It was really good, worthwhile the wait. I still before to have read the book first. Having seen the movie nd being told that it followed pretty close the book, but the book has more to it I still think eventually I will read it. I’ve been recommended this for years, just never got to it. It was added bonus for my sting, I mean frugal  nature, that we used some gift cards that we purchased earlier for both the movie tickets and for the junior mints we had there. In other words It felt that the movie was free as we didn’t have to pay for it now.Furthermore parking ended up being free in the parking building as the movie theater validated our parking ticket. Having saved so much money it was time to spend so we had sushi after the show. We went back to Toyo, where we used to go when we lived close to it. It was as good as it used to be if not better.

Any’s sister stayed with us from Friday evening till Saturday evening. The thee ladies were having fun all day. I joined them for a quick walk to the river an hour before sunset. I haven’t been down there for a long time, so I enjoyed the beauty of this slice of nature with renewed awe.

I saw two more movies this week, both at home. I think it was only entropy and the hope that it will get better that let me watch L!fe Happens till the end. IMDB said it was a comedy and we kept waiting for something funny to happen. It never did. I understand that for the Valley people and in the LA`culture it might seem funny, but outside that region it was just not very exciting “life happening.” I also previewed a movie for the local Jewish Film Festival: A Letter to Wedgewood. It is a documentary based on an interview and book by Gabriella Hartstein Auspitz, a woman from Munkacs. Sorry, I can’t call that city Mukacevo, like they do in the movie as I’ve known it all my life by its Hungarian name. I plan to write a longer reflection about the movie, but for now I am sharing the highlight: There were lots of original movie footage form the 1930’s from Munkacs and from other regions from Slovakia. This made me feel I got  a peek into my grandmother’s life who grew up there.

I also watched quite a bit of TV, including the whole first season of Lost Girl. It’s easy mindless fun, although if I stop and think about the morals of the characters I may not condone all of it. I was anticipating the series finale of Fringe. It was good and all the threads of the Fringes were tied up nicely, but the very end was too anticlimatic for me. I guess war and struggle is what makes exciting TV, while peace is boring. But I still prefer to live in peace, just like the characters in the series. Arrow was also back from its winter break.

I also spent a few hours working on my sites. I added 10 books to the, kept adding the films that Jewish film festivals are playing this year, so the site now has the full listing for 9 festivals this year. I have the data already tabulated for dozens of festivals, it is just a slow process to actually them to the site. I also added a few pointers to job opportunities and obituaries to my Forestvile blog. The tip of the week for my professional blog at was on “How to create Drupal nodes in batch from an XLS, CSV file or from an RSS feed?”

This post is part of the series answering how I did this week with my new year resolution of having more fun, working on my body, and being more spiritual?

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