Body: Week 4

.It was a great week for my body as I finally I managed to go to the gym 4 times. Not just that I took 3 different classes. Specifically. Monday afternoon I took a “water fitness” class that is described as “A great cardiovascular and strength building workout in the water. Classes will feature a variety of equipment for a great total body workout without impact on the joints.” Most of it felt good, although my knee even in the water didn’t always like what it was asked too. not to mention that I was doing the exercises slower than I was supposed to. But it sure was a full workout. The next day, to my surprise it was not the muscles in my legs that were sore, but around my shoulder. That’s when I realized that I moved my arm in the resisting water much more than I thought I did.

Wednesday I gave one more chance to the cardio camp class. But that’s it, I am done with it. I put on my brand new sneaker, even put the gel sole in them to soften the impact of jumping, but still my knee really didn’t like all that jumping. And I didn’t even do half of what the others did. So now I know for sure this is not for me. I didn’t hurt myself, I pushed myself and I learned something about myself, so I consider the experience a success.

Thursday I tried something new: TRX. The abbreviation stands for Total body Resistance eXercise. It is a suspension training, meaning that you hang on straps and the difficulty of the workout depend on the angle you are hanging. I can keep trying to explain it, or just share a video.

Let me tell you how disappointing it was. As I’ve been working out more or less regularly for a year I though I am in reasonable condition, particularly regarding my strength (I know that my flexibility isn’t great.) So I thought i will be good at TRX as it requires strength. But in this group of 7 beginners I felt I was the weakest. All the other participants, it seemed, could keep doing the exercises for the required 30 second or minute, but I rarely could do it, usually had to stop at least 10-20 seconds before. In other words I felt week compared to my mates. I know it is not a competition but it crashed my spirit a bit. On the other hand it was a great workout: I moved a lot of my muscles in half an hour and got really tired. When I I got home I looked into getting the TRX equipment, which looked like strong straps to me, but found the price unjustifiable. (Really $200 for a piece strap?) I also realized that if I want to do it at the gym I have to do it as part of a class and each session cost extra. Maybe I will just keep strengthening myself and will give it another try when I feel I am much stronger.

This post is part of the series answering how I did this week with my new year resolution of having more fun, working on my body, and being more spiritual?

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