Fun: Week 4

Eating out

We ventured out one weekday evening to have pizza out. We used to order a large pizza and stuffed ourselves silly. Last few times I ordered medium and even that was too much. So this time we ordered a small one, which still filled us plenty. And on Saturday we went to Sushi Hana‘s “Dollar sushi”. There is no longer any sushi on their menu that would cost a dollar, but it is still much more affordable than other places or other nights and the sushi is still really good too.

Eating in, Friday night

We know a really nice Jewish family, consisting of a little girl a  year younger than Stella, her mother and grandmother, who we’ve been trying to invite for dinner for a long time, and not just because we had diner at their house last time. Finally this Friday was good for everyone. So they came, Anya made great chicken and we all had a good time. Even the conversation was more relaxed and flowing than last time. It was as a Shabbat night should be.

My online life

  • I kept up with my picture a day project
  • I added 10 new books to my site, and these were really new books. I finally caught up with the stuff I had logged for over a year that I wanted to add to the site. From now on I can focus adding stuff as I discover them.
  • I added posts to my professional site/blog (Vision Nest Media) about “Drupal in Libraries“. This is a topic I am interested in and have been gathering links about it. Finally instead of just having a link collection on my machine I put up these older notes on the site for everybody to see.
  • I added 5 movies, 2 festivals to my Jewish Film Festivals site and the full film listings for 4 festivals
  • I reduced number of my past likes on Facebook in anticipation of graph search from 400+ to 250. Let me explain what I just wrote. Facebook announced a new kind of search, called graph search. It is essentially a faceted search of all the data in Facebook. I never posted anything n Facebook that I would need to be sorry or ashamed of, but I dno’t necessarily want to show up for all my past likes. So I pruned them down to 250 or so. One step closer to giving up Facebook.

Movies watched

  • It’s a Disaster – Pre-apocalyptic couples brunch with a surprising end. Relations and individual stamina break down as the end of the world is approaching in not-exactly predictable patterns. Still it is more of a comedy than anything else. Uneven, but fun.
  • Robot & Frank – Will a robot put back the grace in an ungraceful aging process. Or is it just an enabler for things we don’t want to admit to ourselves or our family members. Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon are superb, but the other actors are not bad either. The thought it provokes: robots are not good or bad: they are what we (will) make them.
  • Hitler’s Children – The children and/or grandchildren of Nazi monsters (Goering, Himmler, Goeth, Hoess…) are decent people who have been struggling with their dark legacies all their lives and worked through it in different ways. The film didn’t include those Nazi descendants, who are Nazis themselves. This movie filled a gap as I wondered in the past how could those kids (now adults) live with themselves, considering their family background.
  • 5 Broken Cameras – I watched this movie a few days before it was nominated for the Oscars. It was touching and interesting but unbalanced, as any personal/subjective video diary. There was nothing shown from the other side. Nevertheless it is an authentic expression of a Palestinian olive farmer’s lived experience.
  • Room 514 – I didn’t like this interrogation drama. The camera work was inadequate, the actor playing the female officer was not convincing and ultimately the story was not believable.
  • Alyah – Petty Parisian drug dealer decided to move to Israel to start afresh and/or to avoid his problems? Some good scenes, but overall it annyod me.

This post is part of the series answering how I did this week with my new year resolution of having more fun, working on my body, and being more spiritual?

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