Spirit: Week 4

I’ve been going to a life coach for almost a year. This week I “graduated.” Depending on how you look at it it could mean:

  •  I accomplished what I set out for at the beginning 
  • The problems I had when I started to work with him are solved
  • I am care free and set for life.

None of this is true, but

  • I gained a lot of internal tools and ideas on how to keep my life in balance
  • I learned the value of being introspective and allow myself the time regularly to be it
  • I have been working on identifying my values and how to make a life that is in harmony with them
  • I shifted my focus from being worried about money troubles all the time to accept that worrying won’t make any difference about them (if the troubles exist)
  • I not just let more joy in my life, but explicitly work on recognizing that I do have plenty of fun.

A couple of months ago we switched form weekly calls to biweekly calls with the life coach and this week I suggested that I do not even need the regular calls. He agreed, so we did a kind of exit interview and compared my status from how it was when we started. Much better and positive.

BTW: These weekly posts about fun, body and spirit is one way to keep myself in check. As long  as I keep doing them I know that I am focusing on myself at least enough time to write these self-reflective messages.

So, thank you James for the all help, I’ve got it from here.

This post is part of the series answering how I did this week with my new year resolution of having more fun, working on my body, and being more spiritual?

1 thought on “Spirit: Week 4

  1. Enikö

    Hello Gabor,
    I’m happy for you. I wish you keep experiencing the joy and fun in your life by leaving behind excessive worries. Mental peace is the source.
    Have you read The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard? … It gave answer to my searchings — and fun to read.
    Best wishes to you and your family.


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