Fun: Week 5 (January 28 – February 3)

The week started of with Monday night’s  meeting/filmviewing for the JCC film festival’s committee. This was the first this year and we viewed A Bottle in Gaza Sea. Most of us liked the movie that connected a naive, truth seeking Jewish teenager girl, with a sweet Palestinian boy, even if only via remote communication channels.

The rest of the week wasn’t very exiting, As usual, I worked a lot and watched a lot of TV. The latter included finishing the second season of Lost Girl. This took longer than the first season as the second had 22 episodes, while the first nly 13. I also watched this week’s Arrow and Person of Interest. In addition the fifth season of the original (not the US remake) of Being Human started. None of the original characters are in it, so it took me a few minutes to recall how they all got exchanged one by one to the new crew. I still have to get used to them.

When it came to my websites this week I was hoping to finish adding all the festivals and movies that were shown in January to my Jewish Film Festival site. I made a pretty good dent, but didn’t finish the process. I added 52 movies and 21 festivals and listed the movies played at 6 festivals.

Friday several of my colleagues sounded and were getting sick. Then after work at the gym I couldn’t finish my workout and had to go home and lay down. We were supposed to go to a party, but when I woke up a few hours later I called Anya, who was already at the party and told her, that I didn’t feel well and am not gonna make it there. The short version: I got the flu and spent the whole weekend in bed. Anya made chicken soup twice and that helped me and kept me afloat. I still lost 4 pounds, which was welcome, even if the method was not the most desirable. I couldn’t really work, even with a laptop in bed, so I ended up watching a lot of movies and I finished reading two books too. The first book I finished this year was Jim and the Flims by Rudy Rucker. I feel pathetic that it too a month to read a single book this year and even that was a light sci-fi, instead of something more substantial. But it was a lot of fun. Half of it was set in Santa Cruz, my old stomping ground. The other half in a widely imagined underground underworld. I loved the fantasy elements, that were actually based on weird science, well-known by the author who is a university professor.

Here are the movies I watched

  • Alice: Hard drama about the tough life of a detached woman who works at a juvenile hall for yuong women. But I didn’t care for it or her.
  • Bachelorette: Light comedy about the misadventures before the wedding of the woman who used to be the butt of the jokes in highschool. Shallow lives lead to empty ones.
  • Betrayed: Made think about the nuances of Honor and duty in Israel and the IDF. Covers an interesting piece of Israeli history I was not aware of.
  • The Dealers: Boring, predictable Cheech and Chong wannaba flick. Why did Israel need this drug movie that was not funny?
  • Eurofalsh: Live the Dream, Survive Reality: Eurovision fans in drag perform Eurovision songs. The doc shows the people in the group.
  • I Wish You Would Die: A musicians is dying of cancer and this brutally honest documentary documents his relationship with  his girlfriend. Depressing and open.
  • Not in Tel-Aviv: Quirky drama with comical elements that kept me guessing the motivation of the main character. Eventually I learned that it is about “Letting yourself be loved,” which is a good lesson, but the delivery here was too confusing for me.
  • Present Continuous: A family locked in by the mother into their apartment with communication channels cut off gets together and unearth their connections to each other. Proves that sixth sense makes sense.
  • Ram csaj meg nem volt ilyen hatassal: 1994 Hungarian movie that I somehow never saw, despite that it is about and with people I used to know. It was an immersion into the Hungarian underground that I missed. As  a movie it was too sanguine, but my connection and recognition of places made it worthwhile. Zeitgeist rules.
  • Slower Than a Heartbeat: This was probably the favorite movie I watched this week. It showed the Tel-Aviv art underground, that I think I would have fun with/in. Its ambiance, as depicted here is my kind of atmosphere. Plus the story was multi-layered enough, the acting and directing superb and it helped that the main characters were played by hotties. I want to rewatch this to get more nuances.
  • The World Is Funny: It is a comedy, that is based on a series f death and tragic events. Nevertheless fun to figure out all the connections between all the people, who all have their slowly developing stories.


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