Ignite Sebastopol, November 21, 2013

The ninth Sebastopol Ignite event was worth going to. I only went to Ignite once, four years ago in Budapest, so I was looking forward to another fun evening filled with presentations  “using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minute.”  It was in the Hopmonk Tavern, so we had a drink and some bar food too. Here are the 10 presentations, not exactly in the order of appearance.

 “How Armenia led to my meeting Julie Numar”, Cat Cvengros – This was the first presentation, and my favorite.  She was funny, had a point the story(telling) was engaging. Worth watching

“Using Your 5 Senses: Future Tech and How it Will Touch You”, Kerry Rego – I was already familiar with almost all the technologies mentioned in this, but the presenter pulled it together nicely.

“Silliness: Your (New) Tool for Corporate Success”, Ann Hamilton – I picked up a few useful tips from this on how humor can help in corporate settings or at any meetings.

“Paradise Lost”, Josh Simmons – Support your local industry by hiring local talents and that may help to counter the harmful mono-vitriculture of the county. As I participated an event organized by him/WIMP I also appear with the other people at 2.52.

“Luther Who?”, Erin Sheffield – Basic biographical information about Luther Burbank, presented by a sweet lady who volunteers at Luther Burbank’s Experiment Farm.

“Relaxation and Love are the Same Thing”, Lee Brewster – This wasn’t a traditional presentation, more like a guided meditation for the whole audience.

“Hacking the Phrase “They Did the Best They Could””, Amy Jollymore – I was having a hard time to follow this, but I think it was about how to grow up and raise yourself if you had a chaotic childhood environment. The title is about the alcoholic parent and not about their deprived children.  More about it on her site.

“Your Brain on Language”, Matthew Bronson – This was a bit over my head with all the linguistic lingo, but still enjoyed singing row-row-your-boat…

“A Labor of Love: How Domestic Workers and Day Laborers are Changing the World”, Maureen Purtill – This was the only piece that had a political agenda, but it was also social and I agreed with it, so I didn’t mind.

“Do Your Actions Have Meaning?”, Sky Nelson – The point was to act with the knowledge that your choices have consequences, even if you cannot control them.

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