Learning Course #1: Focused versus Diffuse Thinking #LH2L1

This is my blog, so I will only write up information from the Learning Course that I found useful and/or was new for me. E.g. “learning takes time” didn’t make the cut from the first video I watched for the course. Only these did:

  • Diffused mode of thinking, a more relaxed thinking style than focused is related to a set of neural resting states.
  • You can look at things broadly from a very different, big-picture perspective. You can make new neural connections traveling along new pathways. You can’t focus in as tightly as you often need to, to finalize any kind of problem solving.
  • As far as neuroscientists know right now, you’re either in the focused mode or the diffused mode of thinking.
  • Analogies provide powerful techniques for learning.
  • The brain needs to alternate its ways of learning between focused and diffused mode as it grapples with and assimilates the new material. (Dali had a key dropping from his pocket to focus him from relaxed mode. Edison had a loud ball for the same effect.)

* This blog entry is part of my series on the “Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects” course I am taking.