#1 of 10Q: Significant Experience

This year, like last year, I will answer the 10 questions, one a day for each day between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, provided by the 10Q project/space.

The first question: Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

And my answer: My second daughter was born 4 days ago. This means that the whole of 2014 was in anticipation of her birth. It affected me on multiple level, From the daily routine — as in I spent more time with our first duaghter prepping her for school and picking her up –, through financing — as in trying to save up some money so I wouldn’t have to work that hard when the second one is born, to the self-reflective — as in my responsibilities grew, I have to be more of an adult in that regard and have to work even smarter to create a better future not just for myself, but for my children too.

I am grateful. We were blessed with a beautiful, healthy child, born under ideal circumstances, into a nurturing home in a safe part of the world. I am also relieved. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while and the fruit of our love is nothing less than exhilarating. We don’t have to try again. (She is our last planned child.) Resentment never came into the picture.  I sometimes think about how my life would be different without a second child. But no matter what answer I feel any moment I always know that it would be less rich. As far as inspiration goes she bring different kind of humor out of me, than the first child, who is now six. I joke with both, but differently. It may be a low level inspiration, but I enjoy it every day.

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