BlackLivesMatter and not just deaths

Yet another connection: this time between a short film, uncle Dinn and #BlackLivesMatter.

Yesterday morning I watched an amazing trailer for a comic book called “Raising Dion.” I rarely read comic books, but after this short video I might check this one out. The video, which seems  like a trailer for a TV series gave me goosebumps. I let you watch it, see below and then go on:

(More info about Raising Dion is at its creator, Dennis Liu’s site.) As you saw a single African-American woman, a widow, is raising her son who has superpowers. Great concept and I loved how natural the actors seemed like in this short film. That’s how things should be but the media often focusing on the violent aspect of African-American existence thus the image about them can be distorted. That’s why I loved the concept of this book/short film.

Yesterday afternoon I attended the celebration of the life of Dinndayal, an African-American yogi master, my wife’s uncle and my friend, who passed away last month. From the many speeches told about him at this event one story grabbed my attention, because of the short clip I mentioned above. Some time ago he wrote to a yoga magazine asking them why they always have skinny white woman on the cover of magazine. He suggested that they should include some women of color there too. The magazine never bothered to reply to him.

I have been following the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The death of so many African-American people by the hands and weapons of the police force is atrocious. It absolutely needs to stop. And I wish that the #BlackLivesMatter slogan would be more inclusive. Currently, as I understand it, it refers to the efforts of stopping the police killing them. I agree there is nothing more important than the protection of life. And a part of me wishes that the movement would expand and share the wide variety of values, skills, experiences, beauty, knowledge that Black Lives entail. Dinndayal often noticed that he was the only African American person at the gatherings of some yoga or business communities. He worked to change that and enable members of his community to become more whole beings and have a wider range of positive experiences. The short film above does a good job of combining the (extra-)ordinary struggle of single mom with the added jolt of superpower. Their (fictional) lives is an example of how lives can matter, not just deaths. Dinn’s did.

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