#4 of 10Q: World Event

The fourth question of 10Q*:  Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?

Refugees Budapest Keleti railway station My answer: The “refugee crisis” in Hungary had triple affects on me : sadness, shock, sympathy. I had put it in quotation marks for two reasons. First the real crisis is the war where these people are running from. Compared to that what happens at the borders an train stations of Hungary is not a crisis. (Of course compared to the fact that Hungary is just not used to this kind of influx it is a crisis.) Second, because it was mostly due to the action (or inaction) and propaganda that turned this situation into such a contentious crisis. With more humane values, less ideology and political tactics, with more planning, empathy most of the issues and violence that had risen would have been completely avoidable.

This crisis has effected me because I am Hungarian, with strong ties to Hungary. My friends and family are witnessing personally the tragedies that I only follow through the internet. Most of them are trying to help them the way they can. But a lot of Hungarians–out a combination of fear, nationalism or being sucked into the government propaganda– are vehemently against them, the refugees.

I have total sympathy for anyone who lost a home or friends/relatives due to war. I fully understand why they need to (it is a not a question of want) from their countries. I am in shock at what the government does against these people, how it treats them. And my overall feeling is sadness, because I feel so helpless. Both for the refugees who are caught in this mess and for the Hungarians who have to live under such a cruel regime.


* “10Q” is a series of 10 question to be answered between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

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