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Losing my “verified” YouTube status :-(

My YouTube channel is about to lose its “verified” status after almost 13 years, because of the changes in YouTube’s rules. To become “verified”  all I had to do, as far as I remember, was sending a copy of my ID to them. (The verification process still seems to be the  more or less the same.) As a result I got that little check mark next to my name as you can see on the screenshot above.

Since then I forgot about this feature as it didn’t mean anything special for me. About 7 months ago, someone asked me (as a comment under one of my videos, where else?) how come I am verified as for that one  usually has to have a lot of followers and/or be a well-known artist. Thus I became aware that under the current conditions I probably couldn’t become a “verified” YouTuber. After this it didn’t come as a big surprise when yesterday I got an email from YouTube stating that they are revoking my verified status in October. (Here is the official announcement of the change.)  I am not a celebrity; it won’t affect my monetization status and there will be no other disadvantages losing the checkmark so I am OK with it. Still, it makes me sad losing this status symbol of being a relatively veteran YouTuber. (The New York Times noted that I am not the only one who is upset.) What is more important for me isgetting closer to the 1000 subscriber threshold, so please:

Iratkozz fel a YouTube csatornámra

Here a short chronology of my personal YouTube history:

November 26, 2006: I joined YouTube 
January 30, 2007
: Uploaded my first 10 videos, including Ray Manzarek’s solo set
November 11, 2011: Posted some statistics of my first five year on YouTube
September 13, 2012: My channel reached 1 million views
August 7, 2014: I posted my 500th video (with a total of 1.4 million views)
August 20, 2016: 2 million views
March 19, 2018: I had to step up the game of getting subscribers
July 18, 2019: Posted the 1000th video (of a Mexican punk band’s concert in Budapest)

And now the current statistics

  • 927 subscribers
  • 1,055 video
  • 3,595,014 watched minutes

The very first video I posted: Ray Manzarek @ The Rio – Light my Fire

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