5 stages of the PGabor.com website

PGabor.com is no longer a minor: Happy 21st Anniversary!

I bought the PGabor.com domain exactly 21 years ago today and launched the first version of the site two weeks later. Here is a quick summary of how the site has changed over the years:

The first version was a hand-coded HTML, with five major sections. The screenshots below, inlcuding this from May 2000, were saved from the Wayback Machine which cut off the top.

Screenshot of PGabor.com from August 24, 2000

A year later I built, edited, and provided all the content for “Index.California”, a local, California edition of Index.hu, a Hungarian portal. So all the “I.CA” notes on the August 7, 2003 screenshot below refer to articles I wrote for that, now gone, website.

Screenshot of PGabor.com from August 7, 2003

Next, I moved from hand coding to the first popular blogging platform: Movable Type. Here is how the site looked on it on February 19, 2005.

Screenshot of PGabor.com from February 19, 2005

In the next stage of the site, in 2011 I opted to have a cover page with the (then) essential information about myself:

Screenshot of PGabor.com from September 18, 2011

Finally, in 2015 I changed the whole thing to a basic simple, clean WordPress site, which is what you see now.

Screenshot of PGabor.com from August 15, 2015

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