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Lou Reed magyar reinkarnációja, Legát Tibor, 4 dalt énekelt

Videó: Lou Reed magyar reinkarnációja, Legát Tibor, 4 dalt énekelt

Múlt szombaton, 2019 április 13-án, Legát Tibor énekelt 4 “magyarított” Lou Reed számot, Németh Róbert (a Heaven Street Seven-ből) gitárkiséretével, a Wave lemezboltban a “Record Store Day” (Lemezboltnap) keretében. Legát, aki zenei körökben a Kézi-Chopin frontembereként, máshol meg talán a Magyar Narancs szerkesztőjeként ismert, nagyjából 5 éve kezdett el énekelni Lou Reed dalokat és ennek a műsorának a Sweet Jane nevet adta. “Magyarított”, mert a dalok szövegének formailag semmi köze az eredeti angol szöveghez, mert a mai magyar valóságról szólnak, szerintem zseniálisan. Hangulatilag viszont pontosan tükrözik Lou Reed szövegvilágát. A négy dal megnézhető egyben alul, illetve egyesével a címekre kattintva:

Bárdos Deák Ági, Kistamás László a Kontroll Csoportból

13 szám videón a Kontroll Csoport koncertjéről – 2019. február 23. @ A38

Majdnem az összes számot sikerült felvennem a koncerten, amin a zenekar régi tagjai közül játszott/énekelt Bárdos Deák Ági, Kistamás László, Hajnóczy Csaba és Farkas Zoltán. Alant megnézhető az összes, vagy a címekre kattintva akár egyesével is:

  1. Holdfényes májusok
  2. Lilli Kommandó
  3. A mi agyunk téves
  4. Rendőr
  5. Laila
  6. Ma háború van, holnap béke
  7. Egy hang a rádióból
  8. Anyád
  9. Eladom
  10. Azt csinálok, amit akarok
  11. Kis piros bombázó
  12. Hol vannak a régi álmaim
  13. Besúgók és provokátorok

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My top dozen movies watched in 2018

My top dozen movies watched in 2018

Earlier this month I posted a list of all movies I saw last year. In the distant past I used to attempt to write sort reflections about each movie I watch. I more or less gave up this dream due to lack of time. I still dream to do it one day though. Meanwhile here are the movies I liked the most from last year and why. FYI: I am not including summaries, you can read short synopsis for each of these at the IMDB links. I only share personal reflections here.

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Films viewed in 2018

Films viewed in 2018

It’s the tenth time that I share the list of  movies I watched in a  year:

  • 2018: 119 movies, see below
  • 2017: 127 movies
  • 2016: 86 movies
  • 2014: 105 movies
  • 2013: 204 movies
  • 2012: 210 movies
  • 2011: 243 movies
  • 2010: 142 movies
  • 2009: 140 movies
  • 2008: 153 movies

Here are some stats about the films I watched in 2018

  • 38 of them was from 2018, 29 from 2017, and 9 from before 2000
  • 73 from the USA, 13 from UK , 7 from France and the rest from 14 other countries.

(The montage of covers in large version)
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Kontroll Csoport @ 2018. december 7. – Budapest/TRIP hajó

Kontroll Csoport Tinédzser korom egyik kedvenc zenekarának koncertjén voltunk szombat este, nagyjából. A Kontroll Csoport még élő tagjainak részvételével zajlott az Ági 60 sorozat soronkövetkező koncertje a TRIP hajón. A koncert első felében Bárdos Deák Ági új, Villámrandi c. lemeze hangzott el, aminek csak az utolsó számára értünk oda. Rövid szünet után viszont majd másfél órás műsorban a régi klasszikus Kontroll számok jó részét eljátszották. Jó volt elmerülni a múltban egy kicsit, bár a dalok üzenetei sajnos mára ismé aktuálisá váltak. Csak az alábbi három széamot vettem fel videóra, mert a többi alatt táncoltunk.

  • Lilli Kommandó
  • Kis piros bombázó
  • Hol vannak a régi álmaim/Félelem háza

The 64 movies added to in September 2018

Covers of the 64 movies added to in September 2018In September 2018 I added 64 movies to, see the whole list below and the covers of some of them.

  1. America (2018)
  2. Amnesia (2018)
  3. Amor (2016)
  4. Better Together: Names, Not Numbers (2018)
  5. Bobbi Jene (2017) DVD
  6. Call Me Alvy (2017)
  7. The Caregiver (2018)
  8. The Catcher Was a Spy (2018) DVD
  9. Check Please (2015)
  10. The Chosen People? A Film about Jewish Identity (2017)
  11. The Departure (2018)
  12. Egg Cream (2018)
  13. Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story (2017)
  14. Eyeless in Gaza (2016)
  15. Fractures (2017)
  16. Genesis (2018)
  17. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) DVD
  18. The Gravedigger’s Daughter (2017)
  19. Home Made (2017)
  20. I Heart NY (2017)
  21. In the Land of Pomegranates (2018)
  22. The In-Laws (1979) DVD
  23. The Interpreter (2018)
  24. Israel, Why (1973) DVD
  25. Keep Quiet (2016) DVD
  26. Kirk Douglas, The Untameable (2017)
  27. Kosher Love (2017)
  28. Laces (2018)
  29. Land of the Little People (2016)
  30. A Land Without Borders (2017)
  31. Layam (2018)
  32. Leftovers (2017)
  33. Little Miss Sunshine (2006) DVD
  34. Little Murders (1971) DVD
  35. Love, Gilda (2018)
  36. The Mossad: Imperfect Spies (2018)
  37. On the Spectrum (2018)
  38. One of Us (2017)
  39. The Outer Circle (2017)
  40. Paperock (2017)
  41. Present/Absent (2018)
  42. Red Cow (2018)
  43. Red Trees (2017) DVD
  44. Sante (2016)
  45. The Seven Men of Hanukkah (2016)
  46. Shattered: Journey into a Silent Past (2018)
  47. Signer (2018)
  48. Significant Other (2018)
  49. The Smuggler and Her Charges (2017)
  50. Strangers at Home (2016)
  51. Summer (2018)
  52. The Syrian Patient (2017)
  53. Tel Aviv Live (2016)
  54. Ten Bell Tolls (2017)
  55. A Thousand Kisses (2017)
  56. Three Identical Strangers (2018)
  57. Travelogue Tel Aviv (2017)
  58. Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride! (2016) DVD
  59. Violin (2017)
  60. Virgins (2018)
  61. Wait Until Dark (1967) DVD
  62. Who Will Write Our History (2018)
  63. You Only Live Once (2017)
  64. Your Honor (2017)

Help to identify: Indians with pink pillows(?)

Yesterday when I was going through airport security in San Francisco I noticed that in the privileged, aka the fast lane an interesting set of people were coming through. What grabbed my attention was men with pink rectangular pillows on their heads that they were holding with one or two hands. These objects were clearly ceremonial. Some of the men were wearing regular semi-elegant western clothes, others semi-elegant clothing from India. Based on their skin color they all seemed to be from India. There was more than a dozen of them. I also noticed 2 or 3 people around them , who seemed to be ritually fanning the top of these pillows. Eventually I also saw one or two elderly gentleman in turbans and more traditional Indian clothing, with big white beards. For my untrained eyes they looked like gurus. I would appreciate if someone could identify them for me and for the people who asked me on Facebook or Instagram about them; i.e. do they belong to a new (age?) religious movement or were adherents of a more traditional religion. I was too shy to shoot too many pictures, so here is the best of the ones I took:

Movie Musing: Twice Born / Venuto al mondo (2012, Italy, 127 min)

Poster for Twice Born / Venuto al mondoBridges are multi-edged metaphors. In peace time they symbolize connections; we like to “build bridges” between people, cultures, seemingly disparate or even opposite fragments of the world, to emphasize the common ground. In wartime though it shows that there is no common ground under the bridge. Instead their symbolical meaning gets reversed. What once was a fragile road towards the and each other now becomes the place where nobody is protected. When you are on a bridge there is nowhere to run from a sniper. Nowhere to hide. By committing the brave or foolish act of stepping onto it you expose yourself to possible enemy fire.

Twice Born, with Penélope Cruz, painfully drives the point home, by showing both the way to the famous Mostar bridge, which was a symbol of multicultural understanding to the slaughtering of innocent people on various bridges. The symbolism gets even worse and stronger. As we learn towards the end of the movie the main surviving characters of the war live on an island. No bridges leading there, only ferries. They didn’t want to burn the bridges up behind themselves, but their country did it for them. The only more or less safe refuge they found was strictly off-coast.

Religion, Society, Technology

From now on, in my musings about movies and books I will pay extra attention to religion, technology and society. I believe every piece of artwork has something to say about them. Let me test this theory by pointing a few connections out.

Religion barely plays any role in the movie. At one point we learn about a couple, both of them university professors, where he is Jewish and she is Muslim. This fact is unceremoniously mentioned in passing and the point is to show that for being a loving couple they doesn’t have to be co-religionists. Much later when the bohemian photographer lost his joie de vivre and helps distributing food and supplies to people in a vest that bears a cross on its back, his scared wife compares him to a desperate Jesus figure. Yes, just like Jesus, he abandoned his self-preservation instinct in favor of helping others. For those who love him as a person it was hard to take.

What kind of pictures does the movie paint of human society? It is a war-story with its specific horrible atrocities. Hence it is best summarized by the words of a doctor, who after examining one of the victims in the movie says: “Her… orifices will heal slowly. It will take some time. I am ashamed to belong to the human race. God will not forgive us. Not even the children.” The things humans are capable of are seemingly unimaginable. The trouble is that some humans not just imagined but executed those atrocious crimes.

Everything is technology. The word’s meaning move on a large scale. Let’s narrow it down to man-made objects. For simplicity’s stake–and because that is one of my man interest–let’s further narrow it to computer technology. It only comes up in the very last scene, which is yet again a nice bridge between past and future. It is suggested to the 17 year old innocent boy, who was born twice, that the war should be explained to him by a comedian like Buster Keaton. So, on his way out of the island and the movie he snaps his cell-phone out and starts watching a Keaton film. New technology used by a new generation suggests progress and maybe, just maybe that he will grow up with more connecting bridges than killing fields. Also, him connecting to a classic oldie also gives hope that by studying history he and his generation will not repeat it.


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  • IMDB summary: The fervent affair of the Italian Gemma and the American photographer Diego will be put to the test by the insurmountable problem of infertility, as the couple’s desperate desire to conceive will prompt them to make difficult choices. Now, sixteen years after the 1992 siege of Sarajevo, Gemma–after accepting her old friend Gojko’s invitation–will return to the once war-torn city accompanied by her 16-year-old son, Pietro, only to unearth powerful memories and bottled-up emotions. But, there, decades after her perilous escape, Gemma is also in for a terrible and tragic revelation–one that will uncover the true horrors of war and the full extent of her loss.
  • Trailer:

Sunset @ North Salmon Creek Beach

Post Yom Kippur Post

Last night as Yom Kippur was closing I went out to the beach to be with myself. As I was musing I found that being with myself evoked in me the Mishnah’s “for” question: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”  My strongest takeaway from this year’s High Holydays meditation is the renewed focus on the above. At the same time the Sun was getting to renew itself for the next day too: