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Rules and beliefs, thoughts on “La nuit des rois” (Côte d’Ivoire, 2020)

Humans are governed by rules and beliefs. How these can be enforced directly and indirectly, with or without violence, and how these intertwine is what I ended up paying attention to while I watched “Night of the Kings”, a French-speaking film from Côte d’Ivoire/Ivory Coast, directed by Philippe Lacôte. The opening scene captured not just the confusion and disorientation we all feel when entering a space where we don’t know the rules, but also the fear one can feel if that space is an infamous prison.

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Breaking Glass, Hazel O'Connor

Hazel O’Connor: Breaking Glass / Üvegtörõk c. film dalainak szövege

Körülbelül 15 éve lefordítottam a “Breaking Glass” azaz az “Üvegtörõk” c. film dalainak szövegét. (Íme az archív bizonyíték.) Aztán a honlapom többször átalakult és már egy jó ideje nincsenek itt fent a szövegek. Most ezen változtattam.

Valamennyi dal kopirájtja Hazel O’Connoré. Az eredeti angol szöveget sok helyen meg lehet találni, például itt vagy az én archív oldalomon is.

Az CD megvásárolható itt, a DVD pedig itt. Itt meg online is megnézheted.

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KistamásLászló és Bárdos Deák Ágnes

(Új) videók a hajdani magyar undergroundból (#23: 2020 szeptember): Európa Kiadó, Kontroll Csoport, Kiss Llászló, Menyhárt Jenő, Vig Mihály, URH

2020 szeptemberében megjelent videók a YouTube-n a hajdani, azaz a 80-as évekbeli magyar underground zenekarok (és azok tagjainak) közreműködésével. A sorozat/gyűjtésem eddigi részei itt vannak. 18 videó (és egy playlist) került bele ebbe a válogatásba.

Mivel ebben a sorozatban talán most került a legkevesebb videó a válogatásba talán nem baj ha nem túl logikus, hanem egy “csakúgy” elv szerint rendezem a videókat: hosszúság szerint. Tehát kezdjük a leghosszabbal és a végére eljutunk a legrövidebbhez:

1 – Neurotic – Rocktérítő (demo 1986 – 1987) – 1:16:11 

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Az Európa Kiadó bevonul

(Új) videók a hajdani magyar undergroundból (#22: 2020 augusztus): Európa Kiadó, Balaton, Kiss Llászló, Sziámi AndFriends, Vető János, Bizottság, Sex-e-Pil, Vidámpark, VHK, Faxni

2020 augusztusában megjelent videók a YouTube-n a hajdani, azaz a 80-as évekbeli magyar underground zenekarok (és azok tagjainak) közreműködésével. A sorozat/gyűjtésem eddigi részei itt vannak. 30 videó (és egy playlist) került bele ebbe a válogatásba.

Hadd kezdjem saját élményekkel a pandémia közepéről. (Már ha augusztusban volt a közepe…) Két koncertre is sikerült eljutnom, mindkettő a Kobuciban és videózni is: Európa Kiadó s Balatonnal és Sziámi a Romano Drommal játszott

1 -7 – Az Európa Kiadó végre eljátszotta az a poént amit a szöveg már rég adott: A Történelem, azaz az “Így vonulunk be” kezdetű számot játszva vonult be, a közönség sorai közt a színpadra.

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(Dis)advantages of knowing the future; thoughts on “L’aventure des Marguerite” (France, 2020)

Poster for The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite

How do you think it would have felt knowing in 1942 that the war would be over on May 8, 1945? Relieved that it would be over at one point? Tired that it would last three more long years? Curious, depending on which side you are on, who won the war? Or to put it another way, how would you feel if you would know something about world politics three years from, in 2024? Either way, I think knowing anything in the future with certainty would be a burden and an opportunity. To change or not to change the course of history for the better; or your personal life; or with who and how to share what you know: These questions could weigh you down and at the same time have the potential to free you up.

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Mini review of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Emma E. Haldy

Martin Luther King, Jr. by Emma E. Haldy

Last month on MLK day one of the bedtime books I read for my first grader daughter was an age appropriate, mini biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. She has been studying about Reverend King for several weeks beforehand at school so she was already familiar with the topic and the person. Seeing real photographs from his life enhanced her knowledge and experience. I was delighted to see the 8 photos and share it with her. The words of the book were a bit too simplistic for her vocabulary, but too advanced for her current reading level. It must be hard to find the right balance between these two for first graders. Even though the book used  a simple, sharp looking, sans-serif font, 2-6 lines at every double page, she liked listening to it as opposed to reading it. 

Get the ebook/Kindle, the hardcover or the Spanish paperback edition.

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"Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade" by Stephanie Greene

On not missing out, aka review of “Princess Posey and the First Grade Parade” by Stephanie Greene

My daughter is in first grade so it seemed like a good idea to listen to a story about a first grader. From the dozen or so audiobooks I picked up at the library for our road trip this is the one my princess chose to listen to. Once we started to listen to it I got concerned though how it would affect her mood. After all she has been doing distance education, for the whole of her first garde so far; i.e. sitting in front of a screen during school hours and she was not enjoying it much. Listening to a story in which a rising first grader is preparing for her first day of in person school experience could have darkened her spirit. I needn’t have to worry. After we finished the half hour book she declared that she liked it and was definitely cheerful.

Get the book: hardcover, kindle or on CD

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TV shows I watched in 2020

TV shows I watched in 2020

The combined effect of spending the majority of the year at home and the family having a Netflix subscription resulted in me watching much more TV shows than previously. Below is an incomplete list of them.

I have seen every available episode of these shows from the very first to the very last

  • Barbaren / Barbarians (Germany, 2020): 6 episodes and there will be a second season
  • Better Call Saul (US, 2015-20): 5 seasons, 10 episode each, awaiting the final season, hopefully out in 2021; Season 5 on Amazon Prime
  • Biohackers (Germany, 2020): 6 episodes and a second season is coming
  • Dark (Germany, 2017-20: 26 episodes, with nice closure
  • Hollywood (USA, 2020): 7 episodes and second season is unlikely
  • La casa de papel / Money Heist (Spain, 2017-20): had “31” episodes (Netflix recut the first half of the series, not developed by then so 31 is an approximate number.) Final season is in the works.
  • Space Force (USA, 2020): 10 episodes, second season coming up
  • Unorthodox (Germany/USA, 2020): 4 episodes, no second season, no matter how many people want it
  • What/If (USA, 2019): 10 episodes, second season is likely, but not yet confirmed.
  • White Lines (UK/Spain, 2020): 10 episodes and then got cancelled.

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