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Review: Spiritual Kneading through the Jewish Months by Dahlia Abraham-Klein

Spiritual Kneading through the Jewish Months by Dahlia Abraham-KleinThe book at Amazon

Being a man I was not the primary target audience of the book, which bears the subtitle: “Building the Sacred through Challah“. But if Arthur Kurzweil could write a glowing forward for it, who am I to exclude myself from reading it? The introduction explains the connection between the feminine, challah making and Rosh Chodesh as a practice for women. Having gained the necessary understanding in this regard the rest of the book can be appreciated by people of any gender. Yes, Rosh Chodesh is special for women, but the book can be used as a workbook by anyone. The challah recipes, the reflective questions, the Kavanah notes — that each major chapter has — will help you no matter what stage/level you are at in your cooking, (self-)knowledge and prayer practices.

In the debate between the comparative values of printed books and their electronic counterparts a key argument for the former is often how holding, smelling, and paging through book feels. I emphasize with boths sides of this debate, but when I can hold such a beautifully produced book as Spiritual Kneading through the Jewish Months by Dahlia Abraham-Klein I am definitely in the former camp. The first thing I do when I get a new book, after checking the cover, spine and back, is running through the pages to get a feel for the whole tome. Right at that moment I noticed and started to enjoy the color-coordination. As you would expect from a book with “months” in the title the bulk is made up by the chapters, corresponding to the 12 (+1) months of the Hebrew calendar. (The +1 is the second Adar, which is added in some years so the Hebrew lunar calendar wouldn’t be off-sync too much from the solar-based year and calendars.) What I didn’t expect was that the titles of each month would be printed in different color and they go through the spectrum, forming a spectacular rainbow. You can see these soft colors not just in the table of contents, but in the titles and subheadings of each chapter too. It may be a simple pleasure, but this element cheered me up and made me appreciate the book, even before I started to read it.

One of my favorite kind of books is one that combines academic accuracy with spiritual inquisitiveness. This book managed to do both and more. On one hand it contains plenty of references to Torah, Talmud and other sources of Jewish tradition, so the curious like me can follow up and learn more about specific aspects. These are included in the style and spirit of scholarly publications (along with proper citation and footnotes), which is so rare in popular books that it deserves all the respect. On the other hand it goes beyond explaining the tradition and its origins: it connects the ancient texts with the spiritual and turns them into living, breathing, approaches that anyone can make her or his own. And the “more”  I referred to above? The physical realms are weaved into it like braids of a challah. The recipes, the tactical experience of creating food, rich in symbols, that nourishes the spirit, the minutiae of the process that connects people and the Divine adds that special dimension to the book. I never read a book before integrating three different type of content so seamlessly: academic, spiritual and practical.

And if all of this is not enough the book ends with additional Challah recipes of these kind: egg, basic with fresh yeast, spelt, whole-wheat, gluten-free, spiral and single/two/four/six/ strand challah.

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Disclaimer: I have received a copy from the author for this review.
This review was first published on the Jewish Book World website.

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in June and July 2015

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of June and July 2015:

  1. Above Us Only SkyAbove Us Only Sky by Michele Young-Stone by Michele Young-Stone
  2. After the Holocaust: In spite of everything, I remain an optimist: Remembering Noah Flug by Bettina Schaefer
  3. Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide by Michael B. Oren
  4. Alouette’s Dream by Andrew Jonathan Fine
  5. TheArchive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust by Lisa Moses Leff
  6. Archivist on a Bicycle: Jiří Fiedler edited by Helen Epstein and Wilma Iggers
  7. Bitter Bronx: Thirteen Stories by Jerome Charyn
  8. Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen
  9. Broken on the inside: The War never ended by Simon Hammelburg
  10. Can I Wear My Kippah on Job Interviews? by Rachel Margolin and Lavie Margolin
  11. Changing the Immutable: How Orthodox Judaism Rewrites Its History by Marc B. Shapiro
  12. TheChemist’s Shop by Richard Brumer
  13. Chief Rabbi Hertz: The Wars of the Lord by Derek Taylor
  14. A Dictionary of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic of the Talmudic and Geonic Periods by Michael Sokoloff
  15. TheDream by H. E. Kline
  16. Enemy in the Garden: A Novel of Intrigue and Suspense by Harriet Pike
  17. Exiles in Sepharad: The Jewish Millennium in Spain by Jeffrey Gorsky
  18. TheFirst to be Destroyed: The Jewish Community of Kleczew and the Beginning of the Final Solution by
  19. Forgiving Maximo Rothman by A. J. Sidransky
  20. Freedom’s Island by Sabra Waldfogel
  21. Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker by Julian Voloj
  22. Halakhic Realities: Collected Essays on Brain Death by Zev Farber
  23. Hasidism Incarnate by Shaul Maggid
  24. History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy by Eliezer Schweid
  25. The History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Assaf Selzer
  26. TheHolocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews by Patrick Desbois and Paul A. Shapiro
  27. In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume
  28. Inheriting Abraham: The Legacy of the Patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Jon D. Levenson
  29. Inside the Bubble by Noga Niv
  30. Israeli Feminist Scholarship: Gender, Zionism, and Difference by Esther Fuchs
  31. TheJazz Palace by Mary Morris
  32. Jewish İstanbul – A Collection of Memoirs and Illustrations by Roz Kohen
  33. Jewish Jokes: Gags and Funny Stories in the Great Jewish Tradition by Hugh Morrison
  34. Jewish Ludmir: The History and Tragedy of the Jewish Community of Volodymyr-Volynsky: A Regional History by Volodymir Muzychenko
  35. Jewish New York: A History and Guide to Neighborhoods, Synagogues, and Eateries by Paul M. Kaplan
  36. TheJewish Oil Magnates of Galicia by Julien Hirszhaut / Valerie Schatzker
  37. TheJewish Olympics: The History of the Maccabiah Games by Ron Kaplan
  38. Jewish Pittsburgh (Images of America) by Barbara Burstin
  39. Jews Against Themselves by Edward Alexander
  40. TheJews and the Bible by Jean-Christophe Attias
  41. TheKilling Rituals: Espionage & Terrorism Thriller by Nir Zamir
  42. TheKoren Mesorat HaRav Kinot, The Complete Tisha B’Av Service with Commentary by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
  43. Kosher Movies: A Film Critic Discovers Life Lessons at the Cinema by Herbert J. Cohen
  44. Last Folio: A Photographic Memory by Yuri Dojc and Katya Krausova
  45. Léon Blum: Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist by Pierre Birnbaum
  46. TheLion’s Gate: On the Front Lines of the Six Day War by Steven Pressfield
  47. Lucky Us by Amy Bloom
  48. TheMaking of the Abrahamic Religions in Late Antiquity by Guy G. Stroumsa
  49. TheMan Who Stalked Einstein: How Nazi Scientist Philipp Lenard Changed the Course of History by Bruce J. Hillman
  50. A Master Plan for Rescue by Janis Cooke Newman
  51. TheMathematician’s Shiva by Stuart Rojstaczer
  52. Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor by Martin Greenfield & Wynton Hall
  53. Modern Hebrew: The Past and Future of a Revitalized Language by Norman Berdichevsky
  54. TheNew Kosher: Simple Recipes to Savor & Share by Kim Kushner
  55. No Joke: Making Jewish Humor by Ruth R. Wisse
  56. ThePinch by Steve Stern
  57. ThePolish Underground and the Jews, 1939–1945 by Joshua D. Zimmerman
  58. ThePromised Land by Roberta Kagan
  59. Remember the Scorpion by Isaac Goldemberg
  60. Run You Down by Julia Dahl
  61. TheSeven Good Years by Etgar Keret
  62. Shelter Us by Laura Nicole Diamond
  63. Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish America Art, 1880-1940 by Matthew Baigell
  64. Somewhere There Is Still a Sun by Michael Gruenbaum and Todd Hasak-Lowy
  65. TheSons of Scripture by Mikhail Kizilov
  66. TheStory of an Underground: The Resistance of the Jews of Kovno in the Second World War by Dov Levin and Zvie A. Brown
  67. TheSunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein
  68. The Value of the Particular: Lessons from Judaism and the Modern Jewish Experience by Michael Zank and Ingrid Anderson
  69. TheTheory and Practice of Universal Ethics – The Noahide Laws by Dr. Rabbi Shimon Dovid Cowen
  70. Warsaw. The Jewish Metropolis: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor Antony Polonsky by Glenn Dynner and François Guesnet
  71. When Europe Was a Prison Camp: Father and Son Memoirs, 1940-1941 by Otto Schrag and Peter Schrag
  72. When the Diamonds Were Gone: A Jewish Refugee Comes of Age in America in the 1940s by Julian Padowicz
  73. TheWriting on the Wall: A Catalogue of Judaica Broadsides from the Valmadonna Trust Library by
  74. Your Guide to the Jewish Holidays: From Shofar to Seder by Cantor Matt Axelrod
  75. TheZionist Entity: The Jewish State In The 21st Century by David Levy

Haldeman: The Accidental Time Machine (2007)

Halderman: The Accidental Time Machine (2007)It was entertaining and left me, the reader, with several notions to ponder upon. It had interesting science with some obviously obfuscated with one. So what’s not to like in Joe Halderman’s The Accidental Time Machine?

You can get the story from many sources, like wikipedia, Amazon or Goodreads, so I will focus only on what I found interesting in the book, including heavy spoilers. It is explicitly about the potential downsides of four things: academia, theocracy,  capitalism and over/abuse of technology. Let’s take them one by one. Continue reading

Books read in 2014 (incomplete list)

Below is the incomplete list of books I read (or listened to) in 2014. It is not accurate, because I was tracking my reading inconsistently through the year. (Past list of books I read: 20132010, 2008(The linked titles lead to the particular book at Amazon.)

  1. Az id?utazás napjaBear, Greg, Jay Snyder: War Dogs
  2. Beckett, Samuel: Molloy
  3. Boudinot, Ryan: Blueprints of the Afterlife
  4. Brooks, Terry: The Gypsy Morph
  5. Clarke, Arthur C.: Childhood’s End
  6. Corey, James S.A.: Leviathan Wakes
  7. Doctorow, Cory: Little Brother
  8. Doctorow, Cory: Pirate Cinema
  9. Doctorow, Cory: Homeland
  10. Doctorow, Cory, Charles Stross: The Rapture of the Nerds: A tale of the singularity, posthumanity, and awkward social situations
  11. Gaiman, Neil: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  12. Glukhovsky, Dmitry: Metro 2033
  13. Gould, Steven: Helm
  14. Gould, Steven: Impulse
  15. Gould, Steven: Exo
  16. Hackett, Brandon: Az idoutazas napja
  17. Horn, Dara: A Guide for the Perplexed
  18. Howey, Hugh: Wool
  19. Howey, Hugh: Shift Omnibus Edition
  20. Ingermanson, R.S.: Transgression: A Time-Travel Suspense Novel
  21. Jonasson, Jonas: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared
  22. Maleckar, Nicolette: The Lilac Tree
  23. Maron, Marc: The Jerusalem Syndrome
  24. Naam, Ramez: Nexus: mankind gets an upgrade
  25. Rossi, Veronica: Under the Never Sky
  26. Rossi, Veronica: Through the Ever Night
  27. Scalzi, John: The Last Colony
  28. Scalzi, John: The Ghost Brigades
  29. Scalzi, John: Redshirts
  30. Scalzi, John: Lock In
  31. Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman, Yair Hillel Goelman: Ahron’s Heart: The Prayers, Teachings and Letters of Ahrele Roth, a Hasidic Reformer
  32. Szorokin, Vladimir: Hóvihar
  33. Wecker, Helen: The Golem and the Jinni
  34. Weir, Andy: The Martian
  35. Yori Yanover: The Cabalist’s Daughter: A Novel of Messianic Redemption

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in December 2014

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of December 2014:

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in November 2014

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of November 2014:

  1. the-synagogues-of-central-and-western-pennsylvania-a-visual-journey-by-julian-h-priesler-book-coverBeyond the Forest: Jewish Presence in Eastern Europe, 2004-2012 by Loli Kantor
  2. Bus on Jaffa Road: A Story of Middle East Terrorism and the Search for Justice by Mike Kelly
  3. The Case Against Academic Boycotts of Israel by Cary Nelson and Gabriel Noah Brahm
  4. Catch The Jew! by Tuvia Tenenbom
  5. The Cave 4 Apocryphon of Jeremiah and the Qumran Jeremianic Traditions by Kipp Davis
  6. Challah: A Chewish Guide to the Torah by Rabbi Susan Abramson
  7. Choose Light!: Chassidic Tales for Chanukah, Rosh Hashanah, Sukkos, Passover & Shavuos by Libi Astaire
  8. Creation, Covenant, and the Beginnings of Judaism by Ari Mermelstein
  9. Dear Darwish by Morani Kornberg-Weiss
  10. Death by Pastrami by Leonard S. Bernstein
  11. The Early Prophets: Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings by Dr. Everett Fox
  12. Every Picture Tells a Story, Volume One: Bereishis by Chaim Natan Firszt
  13. A Family of Veterans by Mattityahu Yarom
  14. Four Mothers: Historical Fiction by Shifra Horn
  15. The Gelt Giving Golem by Carolyn Greenwald
  16. The Gender Challenge of Hebrew by Malka Muchnik
  17. GI Jews: How World War II Changed a Generation by Deborah Dash Moore
  18. God is In My Backpack: A Young Rabbi’s Epic Adventure by Rabbi Ben Tanny
  19. The Innocents by Francesca Segal
  20. The Jewish Confederates by Robert N. Rosen
  21. Jewish Soul Food: From Minsk to Marrakesh by Janna Gur
  22. Kuzmino Chronicles: Memoirs of teenage Holocaust Survival by Nathan C. Moskowitz
  23. Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death by Otto Dov Kulka
  24. Life on the Fringes: A Feminist Journey Toward Traditional Rabbinic Ordination by Haviva Ner-David
  25. Masorah and Text Criticism in the Early Modern Mediterranean by Jordan S. Penkower
  26. The Mitten String by Jennifer Rosner
  27. Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen
  28. New York 1, Tel Aviv 0: Stories by Shelly Oria
  29. No Ballyhoo by Mauro Mevlud Martino
  30. Out of the Shoebox by Yaron Reshef
  31. People of the Book: Five Hundred Years of the Hebrew Book from the Beginning of Printing to the Twentieth Century by Akiva Aaronson
  32. The Pomegranate Pendant by Dvora Waysman
  33. The Red Magician by Lisa Goldstein
  34. Rivka’s First Thanksgiving by Elsa Okon Rael
  35. Saxa judaica loquuntur, Lessons from Early Jewish Inscriptions by Pieter W. van der Horst
  36. Suspended Sentences: Three Novellas by Patrick Modiano
  37. The Synagogues of Central and Western Pennsylvania: A Visual Journey by Julian H. Priesler
  38. Three Early Modern Hebrew Scholars on the Mysteries of Song by Don Harran
  39. The Veterans of History: A Young Person’s History of the Jews by Mitchell Silver
  40. Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France by Caroline Moorehead

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in October 2014

The Angel of Losses by Stephanie FeldmanI have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of October 2014:

  1. All the World: Universalism, Particularism and the High Holy Days by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, PhD
  2. The Angel of Losses by Stephanie Feldman
  3. Apocalyptic and Merkavah Mysticism by Ithamar Gruenwald
  4. At Home in Exile: Why Diaspora Is Good for the Jews by Alan Wolfe
  5. Catalog of Judeo-Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America by Vera Basch Moreen
  6. The Demons’ Mistake: A Story from Chelm by Francine Prose
  7. Eichmann Before Jerusalem: The Unexamined Life of a Mass Murderer by Bettina Stangneth
  8. Enchantress: A Novel of Rav Hisda’s Daughter by Maggie Anton
  9. Ghosts and Golems: Haunting Tales of the Supernatural by Malka Penn
  10. Hayyim’s Ghost by Eric A. Kimmel
  11. The Hilltop by Assaf Gavron
  12. Hitler’s Priest by Salvatore Tagliareni
  13. The Hormone Factory by Saskia Goldschmidt
  14. I’m the Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax by Scott Ian
  15. Liesl’s Ocean Rescue by Barbara Krasner and Avi Katz
  16. The Luminous Heart of Jonah S. by Gina B. Nahai
  17. Miracle for Shira: A Chanukah story by Galia Sabbag and Erin Taylor
  18. Panic in a Suitcase by Yelena Akhtiorskaya
  19. Paper Love: Searching for the Girl My Grandfather Left Behind by Sarah Wildman
  20. Rabbinic Traditions between Palestine and Babylonia by Ronit Nikolsky
  21. Reconstructing the Talmud: An Introduction to the Academic Study of Rabbinic Literature by Jason Rogoff and Joshua Kulp
  22. See Under: Shoah; Imagining the Holocaust with David Grossman by Marc De Kesel
  23. The Stones Weep: Teaching the Holocaust Through A Survivor’s Art by Miriam M. Brysk and Margaret G. Lincoln
  24. Tel Aviv Noir by Etgar Keret and Assaf Gavron

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in September 2014

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of September 2014:

  1. the-war-on-women-in-israel-how-religious-radicalism-is-smothering-the-voice-of-a-nation-by-elana-maryles-sztokmanApple Days: A Rosh Hashanah Story by Allison Sarnoff Soffer, Bob McMahon (Illustrator)
  2. Apples and Pomegranates: A Family Seder for Rosh Hashanah by Rahel Musleah, Judy Jarrett (Illustrator)
  3. Barricades and Banners: The Revolution of 1905 and the Transformation of Warsaw Jewry by Scott Ury
  4. The Betrayers by David Bezmozgis
  5. A Climbing Journey Towards Yom Kippur: The Thirteen Attributes of the Divine by R. Margaret Frisch Klein
  6. David: The Divided Heart by David Wolpe
  7. The Day of Atonement by David Liss
  8. Diary of the Fall by Michel Laub
  9. The Duel for Consuelo by Claudia H. Long
  10. Eating in Isaiah: Approaching the Role of Food and Drink in Isaiah’s Structure and Message by Andrew T. Abernethy
  11. Fear of Flying by Erica Jong
  12. Florence Gordon by Brian Morton
  13. The Garden of Letters by Alyson Richman
  14. Goldie Takes a Stand: Golda Meir’s First Crusade by Barbara Krasner
  15. The Golem of Hollywood by Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman
  16. Graphic Details: Jewish Women’s Confessional Comics in Essays and Interviews by Sarah Lightman
  17. Henna House by Nomi Eve
  18. Here Is the World: A Year of Jewish Holidays by Lesléa Newman and Susan Gal (Illustrator)
  19. The Imagined and Real Jerusalem in Art and Architecture by Jeroen Goudeau, Mariëtte Verhoeven and Wouter Weijers
  20. The Ladder by Hamutal Bar-Yosef
  21. Leonard Bernstein: An American Musician by Allen Shawn
  22. Lucky Jews: Poland’s Jewish figurines (Na szczescie to Zyd: Polskie figurki Zydów) by Erica Lehrer
  23. Marrying Out: Jewish Men, Intermarriage, and Fatherhood by Keren R. McGinity
  24. A Member of Two Tribes by Emily Bowen Cohen
  25. Murder 101 by Faye Kellerman
  26. My Grandfather’s Gallery: A Family Memoir of Art and War by Anne Sinclair
  27. My Yiddish Vacation by Ione Skye
  28. Naming Jack the Ripper by Russell Edwards
  29. Penguin Rosh Hashanah by Jennifer MacLeod
  30. The Pillar of Fire by Karl Stern
  31. Storm by Donna Jo Napoli
  32. Tears: Reclaiming Ritual, Integral Religion, and Rosh Hashanah by Marc Gafni
  33. The War on Women in Israel: How Religious Radicalism Is Smothering the Voice of a Nation by Elana Maryles Sztokman
  34. Wherever You Go by Joan Leegant
  35. With Heart in Mind: Mussar Teachings to Transform Your Life by Alan Morinis

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in August

I have blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of August 2014:

  1. The 	Wall: And Other Stories Moyshe KulbakAncient Synagogues – Archaeology and Art: New Discoveries and Current Research by Rachel Hachlili
  2. The Confabulist by Marcia Falk
  3. Cut Throat Dog by Joshua Sobol
  4. The Faith of Fallen Jews: Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi and the Writing of Jewish History by Arthur Allen
  5. The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr. Weigl: How Two Brave Scientists Battled Typhus and Sabotaged the Nazis by Vladimir Jabotinsky
  6. From Foe to Friends & Other Stories (S.Y. Agnon): A Graphic Novel by Shay Charka
  7. The Golden Age Shtetl: A New History of Jewish Life in East Europe by Denise Phillips
  8. The Gourmet Jewish Cookbook: More than 200 Recipes from Around the World by Daniel Silva
  9. Half Empty by David Rakoff
  10. Jewish Mothers Never Die by Natalie David-Weill
  11. Judaism in Transition: How Economic Choices Shape Religious Tradition by Carmel Chiswick
  12. Medieval Latin Christian Texts on the Jewish Calendar: A Study with Five Editions and Translations by C. Philipp E. Nothaft
  13. Mercy of a Rude Stream: The Complete Novels by Henry Roth
  14. More All-Of-A-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor
  15. The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Lily Poritz Miller
  16. Mussar Yoga: Blending an Ancient Jewish Spiritual Practice with Yoga to Transform Body and Soul by Edith R. Brotman
  17. Osman Hasan and the Tombstone Photographs of the Dönmes by C.M. Kosemen
  18. Panic in a Suitcase by Yelena Akhtiorskaya
  19. A Possibility of Violence by D. A. Mishani
  20. Return of the Exiled by Max Buchdahl
  21. Second Person Singular by Sayed Kashua
  22. The Settlement Cookbook by Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz
  23. The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BC-1492 AD by Rena Margulies Chernoff and Allan Chernoff
  24. Textile (Jewish Women Writers) by Orly Castel-Bloom
  25. A Vocabulary of Desire: The Song of Songs in the Early Synagogue by Laura S. Lieber
  26. Warburg in Rome by James Carroll
  27. A World Without Jews: the Nazi Imagination From Persecution to Genocide by Alon Confino
  28. You’re Not Much Use to Anyone by David Shapiro
  29. Your Face in Mine by Jess Row
  30. The Zelmenyaners: A Family Saga by Moyshe Kulbak
  31. Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume Eight by Penny Harow Thau, Naava Pasternak Swirsky, Temima Swirsky

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in May

I have tumblr/blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of May:

  1. My RebbeA House Is Not a Home by Polly Adler
  2. A Life of Her Own by Joan G. Hauser
  3. A Replacement Life by Boris Fishman
  4. American Innovations: Stories by Rivka Galchen
  5. At God’s Mercy by L. L. Fine
  6. Becoming Freud: The Making of a Psychoanalyst by Adam Phillips
  7. Cowgirl by Java Davis
  8. Educating in the Divine Image: Gender Issues in Orthodox Jewish Day Schools by Chaya Rosenfeld Gorsetman and Elana Maryles Sztokman
  9. Exit Berlin: How One Woman Saved Her Family from Nazi Germany by Charlotte R. Bonelli
  10. Fields of Exile by Nora Gold
  11. How Could This Happen: Explaining the Holocaust by Dan McMillan
  12. In the Illuminated Dark: Selected Poems of Tuvia Ruebner by Tuvia Ruebner
  13. Invisible City by Julia Dahl
  14. Jabotinsky: A Life by Hillel Halkin
  15. Knish: In Search of the Jewish Soul Food by Laura Silver
  16. Money Book: How to Earn it, Spend it, Save it, Invest it, Borrow it, and Use it to Better Your Life by Sylvia Porter
  17. My Guardian Angel by Sylvie Weil
  18. My Rebbe by Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz
  19. Running from Giants: The Holocaust through the Eyes of a Child by Margareta Ackerman
  20. Saturday Night, Full Moon by Yerachmiel Michael Tilles
  21. Sky Tinged Red: A Chronicle of Two and a Half Years in Auschwitz by Isaia Eiger
  22. Stella! Mother Of Modern Acting by Sheana Ochoa
  23. Suddenly, Love by Aharon Appelfeld
  24. The Confabulist by Steven Galloway
  25. The Glad Hand of God Points Backwards by Rachel Mennies
  26. The Golden Age Shtetl: A New History of Jewish Life in East Europe by Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern
  27. The Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of Being Loved Too Much by Our Moms by Rachel Ament
  28. The Lawgiver by Herman Wouk
  29. The Settlement Cookbook by Lizzie Black Kander
  30. The Veterans of History: A Young Person’s History of the Jews Paperback by Mitchell Silver
  31. The Wall: And Other Stories by Jurek Becker
  32. To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris
  33. Tracing your Jewish Ancestors: A Guide For Family Historians by Rosemary Wenzerul
  34. Traditional Society in Transition: The Yemeni Jewish Experience by Bat-Zion Eraqi Klorman
  35. Transgender and Jewish by Naomi Zeveloff
  36. Uncle Sol’s Women by Simeon J. Maslin
  37. Unlearning with Hannah Arendt by Marie Luise Knott