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Films added to in April 2016

Poster for The Tenth Man / El rey del Once / El rey del OnceIn the month of April I added 77 films to this site. Some of them are old, others are new. There are shorts, feature films, documentaries and TV series among them. In the list below I used the English title for all them, but many of them are from other countries. The only thing common in them is that they were all shown at one more Jewish Film Festival. I hope you will find some interesting one films here:

  1. 3 Days and a Child / Shlosha Yamim Veyeled (1967, 90 min)
  2. Aaron’s Magic Village / The Real Shlemiel / Die Schelme von Schelm (1995, 87 min) Buy
  3. Abandoned / Los abandonados (2015, 78 min) Buy
  4. An Affectionate Look At Wayne & Shuster (1965, 27 min) Buy
  5. Arik Brauer – A Youth in Vienna / Arik Brauer – Eine Jugend in Wien (2012, 70 min)
  6. Assi Dayan: Embittered (2013, 8 min)
  7. The Bielski Brothers (1994, 50 min) Buy
  8. Blessed / Mevorehet (2015, 16 min)
  9. Blind Love: A Holocaust Journey Through Poland with Man’s Best Friend (2015, 27 min)
  10. The Boys Of 2nd Street Park (2003, 91 min) Buy
  11. Building History: The Story of Benjamin Brown (2016, 8 min)
  12. Call Me Bullie / Kraa Li Bullie (2015, 61 min)
  13. Carrying the Light (2011, 60 min)
  14. A Demonstration in the White City / Hafgana bair halevana (2015, 50 min)
  15. Dirty Dancing (1987, 100 min) Buy
  16. Discovering Edward G. Robinson (2015, 45 min)
  17. Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana (2016, 85 min)
  18. Eastern Corridor / Vostochny koridor (1966, 100 min)
  19. Engel (2013, 9 min)
  20. False Flag / Kfulim (2014, 40 min)
  21. Fateless / Sorstalanság (2005, 140 min) Buy
  22. The First Sea / Das Erste Meer (2013, 60 min)
  23. Fish Soup (2015, 10 min)
  24. Fred Bondi, Lucky Man / Fred Bondi, L’Homme Chanceux (2014, 89 min)
  25. The Genizah Of Our Dreams / Geniza naših snova (2015, 15 min)
  26. Golan: A Farewell to Mr. Cinema (2015, 74 min)
  27. Grand Illusion / La Grande Illusion (1937, 114 min) Buy
  28. A Green Kippah (2014, 24 min)
  29. Guard Hut / Budke (2012, 17 min)
  30. Hitler’s Reign of Terror (1934, 55 min)
  31. Holot (2015, 7 min)
  32. Home Movie (2013, 18 min)
  33. Honest Ed Mirvish: The World’s Most Unusual Shopkeeper (1998, 54 min)
  34. I, Dalio – or the Rules of the Game (2015, 33 min)
  35. Imagine: Bette Midler: The Divine Miss M (2014, 75 min)
  36. It Happened in Havana: A Yiddish Love Story (2013, 27 min)
  37. Joshua Then And Now (1985, 119 min) Buy
  38. Last Folio / Posledny Portret (2015, 81 min)
  39. Léon Blum, Loathed and Adored / Léon Blum: Hai et adoré (2015, 58 min)
  40. Life According to Agfa (1992, 100 min) Buy
  41. The Life of the Jews of Palestine (1913, 78 min)
  42. The Littlest of Kings (1959, 60 min)
  43. Lost and Not Found (2015, 3 min)
  44. Lost in a Crowd (1957, 60 min)
  45. Louis-Ferdinand Céline / Céline!… deux clowns pour une catastrophe (2016, 90 min)
  46. Love Letters to Cinema / Michtav A’hava Lakolnoa (2014, 50 min)
  47. Mondays With Monty (2014, 7 min)
  48. Mr. Gaga (2015, 100 min)
  49. Nana, George and Me (1998, 48 min)
  50. Nightswimming / S’chiya Leylit (2013, 24 min)
  51. The Paper Bridge (1987, 105 min)
  52. The Photographer in Front of the Camera / Der Fotograf vor der Kamera (2014, 75 min)
  53. Porcelain Unicorn (2010, 3 min)
  54. The Revival of Jewish Poland (2013, 48 min)
  55. Roman Kosher (2014, 49 min)
  56. Schindler’s List (1993, 195 min) Buy
  57. Shalom Sesame: Grover Learns Hebrew (2011, 23 min) Buy
  58. Shalom Sesame: Monster in the Sukkah (2011, 23 min) Buy
  59. Sheldon Leonard’s Wonderful Life (2011, 72 min)
  60. Silver Cutlery / Cubiertos de Plata (2013, 13 min)
  61. Slay me, I tell nothing / Erschlagt mich, ich verrate nichts (2013, 80 min)
  62. Soldier in Art: Arthur Szyk (2014, 10 min)
  63. Spitting Game: The College Hook Up Culture (2009, 82 min)
  64. Strings (2012, 11 min)
  65. Sukkot in Warsaw (2014, 21 min)
  66. The Syndrome (2014, 86 min)
  67. Ten from Your Show of Shows (1973, 92 min) Buy
  68. The Tenth Man / El rey del Once (2016, 82 min)
  69. Tough Guise 2 (2013, 78 min) Buy
  70. The Tree on the Wall / El Árbol de la muralla (2012, 75 min)
  71. Tviggy (1969, 13 min)
  72. The Unvanquished (1945, 90 min)
  73. Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? (2016, 85 min)
  74. The Wordsmith (1979, 72 min)
  75. The X-Files: Kaddish (1997, 70 min) Buy
  76. You Will Find Me Within You / Me Reencontrara’s Dentro De Ti (2013, 16 min)
  77. Zeitgeist (2007, 25 min)

Books added to in April 2016

Sacred Terror: Religion and Horror on the Silver Screen (2008) by Douglas E. CowanIn the month of April 2016 I added this 21 books to that discusses aspects of film/TV and religion. About half of them are from the last 12 months, and the rest is from tearlier

  1. Archetypes in Japanese Film: The Sociopolitical and Religious Significance of the Principal Heroes and Heroines (1989) by Gregory BarrettBuy
  2. Biblical Epics: Sacred Narrative in the Hollywood Cinema (1993) by Bruce Babington, Peter William EvansBuy
  3. Black Magic Woman and Narrative Film: Race, Sex and Afro-Religiosity (2015) by Montré Aza MissouriBuy
  4. Blessed are the Eyes that Catch Divine Whispering …: Silence and Religion in Film (2015) by Freek L. Bakker, Mathilde van Dijk, Leo van der Tuin, Marjeet VerbeekBuy
  5. Cinema of the Occult: New Age, Satanism, Wicca, and Spiritualism in Film (2008) by Carrol Lee FryBuy
  6. Discovering World Religions at 24 Frames Per Second (2008) by Julien R. FieldingBuy
  7. Epic Sound: Music in Postwar Hollywood Biblical Films (2014) by Stephen C. MeyerBuy
  8. Faith and Spirituality in Masters of World Cinema, Volume III (2015) by Kenneth R. Morefield, Nicholas S. OlsonBuy
  9. Hermeneutic Humility and the Political Theology of Cinema: Blind Paul (2016) by Sean DesiletsBuy
  10. Hollywood Biblical Epics: Camp Spectacle and Queer Style from the Silent Era to the Modern Day (2015) by Richard LindsayBuy
  11. Hollywood Under Siege: Martin Scorsese, the Religious Right, and the Culture Wars (2008) by Thomas LindlofBuy
  12. Homiletic: Moves and Structures (1987) by David G. ButtrickBuy
  13. Japanese Mythology in Film: A Semiotic Approach to Reading Japanese Film and Anime (2015) by Yoshiko OkuyamaBuy
  14. Jesus and Brian: Exploring the Historical Jesus and his Times via Monty Python’s Life of Brian (2015) by Joan E. TaylorBuy
  15. Judas Iscariot: Damned or Redeemed: A Critical Examination of the Portrayal of Judas in Jesus Films (1902-2014) (2016) by Carol Anne Hebron Buy
  16. Moralizing Cinema: Film, Catholicism and Power (2015) by Daniel Biltereyst, Daniela Treveri Gennari Buy
  17. Over the Rainbow: The Wizard of Oz as a Secular Myth of America (1991) by Paul NathansonBuy
  18. Preaching to a TV Generation: The Sermon in the Electronic Age (1994) by Michael RognessBuy
  19. The Sacred Foodways of Film: Theological Servings in 11 Food Films (2016) by Antonio D. SisonBuy
  20. Sacred Terror: Religion and Horror on the Silver Screen (2008) by Douglas E. CowanBuy
  21. Sensational Movies: Video, Vision, and Christianity in Ghana (2015) by Birgit MeyerBuy

Articles added to in April 2016

In the month of April 2016 I added this 42 articles to that discusses aspects of film/TV and religion. About half of them are from the last 12 months, but the rest is from the 1980’s

  1. Allegory and Ambiguity in the Films of Majid Majidi: A Theodicy of Meaning by Cyrus Ali Zargar (2016-01)
  2. “Can We Laugh at God?”: Apocalyptic Comedy in Film by Robert Lamm (1991-06)
  3. The Catholic Imagination in Popular Film & Television by Ingrid Shafer (1991-08)
  4. Doctor Who and Immortality: Influence of Christian and Buddhist Ethics by Leena Vuolteenaho (2015-12)
  5. Eros and Contemplation: The Catholic Vision of Terrence Malick’s To the Wonder by Kathleen E. Urda (2016-01)
  6. Examining the Critical Role American Popular Film Continues to Play in Maintaining the Muslim Terrorist Image, Post 9/11 by Rubina Ramji (2016-01)
  7. Film and the Sacred by Joseph Cunneen (1993-04)
  8. Filmed ‘Not During the Sabbath’: The Israeli Haredi Minority through the Camera’s Lens by Yohai Hakak (2016-03)
  9. Films, Values, Absolutes: Why Theological Readings of Films are Morally and Politically Essential by Clive Marsh (2016-01)
  10. God never dies’: Buñuel and Catholicism by Michael Wood (1993-02)
  11. A God Who Plays it by Ear 5 Metaphors for God in Recent Films by Andrew Greeley (1991-08)
  12. God’s Law and the Wide Screen: The Ten Commandments as Cold War “Epic” by Alan Nadel (1993-05)
  13. God’s Middle Children Metaphysical Rebellion in Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club by Justin Garrison (2013-08)
  14. Hinduism and Its Others in Bollywood Film of the 2000s by Diana Dimitrova (2016-01)
  15. Historical figures in film: the celluloid Christ by Sarah Noah (1993-05)
  16. Historical Film and Hindu–Muslim Relations in Post-Hindutva India: The Case of Jodhaa Akbar by Raita Merivirta (2016-03)
  17. Hollywood, Main Street, and the Church: Trying to Censor the Movies Before the Production Code by Francis G. Couvares (1992-12)
  18. Impact of Television Advertisement on Consumer. Buying Behavior: The Moderating Role of. Religiosity in the context of Pakistan by Bushra Anjum, Attiya Irum (2015-12)
  19. Jesus and the Movies by John Klukach (1991-02)
  20. Jung and The Godfather movies : analyzing film from an archetypal perspective by Joseph Broda (1994-06)
  21. “The Last Temptation of Christ” et l’« affaire » Scorsese by André Muraire (1992-05)
  22. Mary Magdalene and the Politics of Public Memory: Interrogating The Da Vinci Code by Tammie M. Kennedy (2012-08)
  23. Movie stars and Islamic moralism in Egypt by Lila Abu-Lughod (1995-04)
  24. Nigerian Audiences’ Perception of Pentecostal Churches’ Ownership of Satellite Television Channels by Paul Martin Obayi, Ph.D and Ignatius Obiorah Edogor (2016-03)
  25. Philippine Muslims on Screen: From Villains to Heroes by Vivienne Angeles (2016-01)
  26. The Priests of Cyborg by Peter C. Reynolds (1993-07)
  27. The Qur’anic Epic in Iranian Cinema by Nacim Pak-Shiraz (2016-01)
  28. “Raiders of the Lost Ark”: Totem and Taboo by Andrew Gordon (1991-10)
  29. Religious and National Identity in My Name is Khan by Kathleen M. Erndl (2016-01)
  30. The religious dimension of cinematographical consciousness in postmodern culture by Sylvain De Bleeckere (1994-05)
  31. Rewriting God’s Plot: Ingmar Bergmann and Feminine Narrative by Mark B. Sandberg (1991-11)
  32. The Rise and Fall of American Televangelism by Jeffrey K. Hadden (1993-05)
  33. Sacred Women in Coptic Cinema: Between Faith and Resistance by Lise Paulsen Galal (2009-04)
  34. SDA Youth and the Movies: An Analysis of the Church’s Current Message by Brenda Keller (1993-04)
  35. The Seal of the Confessional: Robert Lepage’s Le Confessionnal in Social and Cultural Context by Adele Reinhartz (2016-01)
  36. The spoken and unspoken nature of child abuse in the miniseries Devil’s Playground: The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Catholic Church and television drama in Australia by Terrie Waddell, Timothy W Jones (2016-03)
  37. Star Trek Fandom as a Religious Phenomenon by Michael Jindra (1994-06)
  38. Televising religion: A study of Sathya Sai Baba’s funeral broadcast in Gangtok, India by Manoj Kumar Das (2015-12)
  39. Television and Evangelism: A Cautionary Tale by Angela Tilby (1991-06)
  40. Time the Redeemer: Time as an Object of Cinema in a Post-Metaphysical Age by Greg Watkins (2016-01)
  41. Tracking the Fallen Apple: Ineffability, Religious Tropes, and Existential Despair in Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Once Upon a Time in Anatolia by Joseph Kickasola (2016-01)
  42. Watching Movies in the Name of the Lord: Thoughts on Analyzing Christian Film Criticism by James Y. Trammell (2012-08)

Books added to in March 2016

I added a new section to the site recently, listing books related to its topic: Jews and Film/TV. The books are divided into four categories: Academic/scholarly, Holocaust/Shoah, Israel, and Related. The description of these categories and the list of ALL books are on the books page. The list of books for each category can be reached via the menu on top. To begin with I included the 48 books listed below. Please let me know if I missed something.

  1. Acting Jewish: Negotiating Ethnicity on the American Stage and Screen (2012) by Henry BialBuy
  2. Afterimage: Film, Trauma, and the Holocaust (1996) by Joshua HirschBuy
  3. American Jewish Filmmakers (2005) by David Desser, Lester D. FriedmanBuy
  4. American Jewish Films: The Search for Identity (2003) by Lawrence J. Epstein Buy
  5. The American Jewish Story through Cinema, The (2011) by Eric A. Goldman Buy
  6. Between Two Worlds: Jewish Presences in German and Austrian Film, 1910-1933 (2013) by S. S. PrawerBuy
  7. Beyond Flesh: Queer Masculinities and Nationalism in Israeli Cinema (2011) by Raz YosefBuy
  8. Blackface, White Noise: Jewish Immigrants in the Hollywood Melting Pot (2015) by Michæl RoginBuy
  9. Driven to Darkness: Jewish Emigre Directors and the Rise of Film Noir (2005) by Vincent Brook Buy
  10. Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, An (2003) by Neal GablerBuy
  11. Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting (2007) by J. Hoberman, Jeffrey Shandler Buy
  12. The Fantastic in Holocaust Literature and Film: Critical Perspectives, The (2016) by Judith B. Kerman, John Edgar BrowningBuy
  13. Film and the Holocaust: New Perspectives on Dramas, Documentaries, and Experimental Films (1984) by Aaron KernerBuy
  14. First Films of the Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and the Genocide of the Jews, 1938–1946 (2005) by Jeremy HicksBuy
  15. From Nuremberg to Hollywood: The Holocaust and the Courtroom in American Fictive Film(2007) by James JordanBuy
  16. Haunted Images: Film, Ethics, Testimony and the Holocaust (2005) by Libby SaxtonBuy
  17. Hollywood and the Holocaust (2013) by Henry GonshakBuy
  18. Hollywood’s Chosen People: The Jewish Experience in American Cinema (2003) by Murray Pomerance, Daniel Bernardi, Hava Tirosh-Samuelson Buy
  19. The Holocaust and the Moving Image: Representations in Film and Television Since 1933, The (2002) by Toby Haggith, Joanna NewmanBuy
  20. Holocaust Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Images, Memory, and the Ethics of Representation (2000) by Gerd Bayer, Oleksandr KobrynskyyBuy
  21. The Holocaust Film Sourcebook, The (2013) by Caroline PicartBuy
  22. Holocaust Film: The Political Aesthetics of Ideology (2002) by Terri GinsbergBuy
  23. Holocaust Impiety in Literature, Popular Music and Film (2015) by Matthew BoswellBuy
  24. Holocaust in American Film, Second Edition (2004) by Judith DonesonBuy
  25. Identity Politics on the Israeli Screen (2007) by Yosefa LoshitzkyBuy
  26. Identity, Place, and Subversion in Contemporary Mizrahi Cinema in Israel (2014) by Yaron ShemerBuy
  27. Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust (1987) by Annette InsdorfBuy
  28. Israeli Cinema (2003) by Miri Talmon, Yaron PelegBuy
  29. Israeli Film: A Reference Guide (2015) by Amy Kronish, Costel SafirmanBuy
  30. The Jew in American Cinema, The (2003) by Patricia ErensBuy
  31. The Jew in Cinema: From The Golem to Don’t Touch My Holocaust, The (2013) by Omer BartovBuy
  32. The Jewish Image in American Film, The (2004) by Lester D. FriedmanBuy
  33. Jewish Women on Stage, Film, and Television (2012) by R. MockBuy
  34. The Jews of Prime Time, The (2013) by David Zurawik Buy
  35. Kosher Movies: A Film Critic Discovers Life Lessons at the Cinema (2011) by Herbert J. CohenBuy
  36. Mediamorphosis: Kafka and the Moving Image (1995) by Shai Biderman, Ido LewitBuy
  37. The Modern Jewish Experience in World Cinema, the (2012) by Lawrence BaronBuy
  38. The New Jew in Film: Exploring Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Cinema, The (2016) by Nathan AbramsBuy
  39. Nostalgia in Jewish-American Theatre and Film, 1979-2004 (2003) by Ben FurnishBuy
  40. Over the Top Judaism: Precedents and Trends in the Depiction of Jewish Beliefs and Observances in Film and Television (1988) by Elliot B. Gertel Buy
  41. Projecting The Holocaust Into The Present: The Changing Focus of Contemporary Holocaust Cinema (2007) by Lawrence BaronBuy
  42. Reel Jewish (2003) by Joel SambergBuy
  43. Representing Perpetrators in Holocaust Literature and Film (2013) by Jenni Adams, Sue ViceBuy
  44. Shoah: The Complete Text Of The Acclaimed Holocaust Film (2009) by Claude LanzmannBuy
  45. Something Ain’t Kosher Here: The Rise of the ‘Jewish’ Sitcom (2011) by Vincent BrookBuy
  46. The Construction of European Holocaust Memory: German and Polish Cinema after 1989(2002) by Malgorzata Pakier Buy
  47. Weimar Film and Modern Jewish Identity (2005) by Ofer AshkenaziBuy
  48. Woody on Rye: Jewishness in the Films and Plays of Woody Allen (2012) by Vincent Brook, Marat GrinbergBuy

Books added to in March 2016

Cover for Pasolini: The Sacred FleshIn the month of March 2016 I added this 19 books to that discusses aspects of film/TV and religion. About half of them are from the last year, and the rest is from the 2000’s

  1. Big Screen Bible Lore (2013) by John Howard ReidBuy
  2. Catching Light: Looking for God in the Movies (2004) by Roy M. AnkerBuy
  3. Chasm: Crossing the Divide Between Hollywood and People of Faith (2014) by Larry W. PolandBuy
  4. A Christian Response to Horror Cinema: Ten Films in Theological Perspective (2015) by Peter FraserBuy
  5. Cinéma Divinité: Religion, Theology, and the Bible in Film (2005) by Eric S. Christianson, Peter Francis and William TelfordBuy
  6. Colored Television: American Religion Gone Global (2015) by Marla FrederickBuy
  7. Divine Film Comedies: Biblical Narratives, Film Sub-Genres, and the Comic Spiri (2016) by Terry Lindvall, J. Dennis Bounds, Chris LindvallBuy
  8. Dream West: Politics and Religion in Cowboy Movies (2013) by Douglas BrodeBuy
  9. Empire Triumphant: Race, Religion and Rebellion in the Star Wars Films (2005) by Kevin J. WetmoreBuy
  10. The Gospel According To Monty Python (2014) by Julian DoyleBuy
  11. Mimesis, Movies, and Media: Violence, Desire, and the Sacred (2015) by Scott Cowdell, Chris Fleming, Joel Hodge (Editors)Buy
  12. One Power in the ‘Verse: Finding God in Firefly and Serenity (2009) by Paul LytleBuy
  13. Pasolini: The Sacred Flesh (2015) by Stefania BeniniBuy
  14. Paul Tillich and the Possibility of Revelation through Film (2012) by Jonathan BrantBuy
  15. Reforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies (2012) by William D. RomanowskiBuy
  16. Religious Science Fiction in Battlestar Galactica and Caprica: Women as Mediators of the Sacred and Profane (2015) by Jutta WimmlerBuy
  17. Salvation from Cinema: The Medium is the Message (2015) by Crystal DowningBuy
  18. Theology Goes to the Movies (2007) by Clive MarshBuy
  19. When the Lights Go Down: Movie Review as Christian Practice (2014) by Mark D. EckelBuy

Articles added to in March 2016

In the month of March 2016 I added this 49 articles to that discusses aspects of film/TV and religion. About half of them are from the last few months, but the rest is from the 1980’s

  1. Applying Religion and Film to Islam by William L. Blizek & Bilal Yorulmaz (2015-12)
  2. Beyond the Confines of Tolerance in Rachid Buchareb’s London River: Theological Discussion and Educational Approach to an Open Ended film by Panayiotis A. Thoma (2015-10)
  3. Birdman or (‘the unexpected virtue of ignorance’): Transcendence in unexpected places
    by Nikolai Blaskow (2015-12)
  4. Casting Jesus: A century of cinematic Christ by Geoff Broughton (2015-12)
  5. Celluloid Assimilation: Jews in American Silent Movies by Lester D. Friedman (1987-07)
  6. Cinema and the Sacrifice of Narcissus by Jean Collet and Jospeh Cunneen (1987-09)
  7. Cinema Savior by Michael Singer (1988-10)
  8. Close Encounters of a Religious Kind by Laurel Arthur Burton (1983-11)
  9. Commercial Propaganda in the Silent Film: A Case Study of “A Mormon Maid” (1917) by Richard Alan Nelson (1987-10)
  10. “Controversy has probably destroyed forever the context”: “The Miracle” and Movie Censorship in America in the Fifties by Ellen Draper (1990-04)
  11. “Daniel”: A Study of Sidney Lumet’s Integratinon of Jewish Ethis and the Christian Passion by Norbert M Samuelson (1986-07)
  12. Darrryl F. Zanuck’s “Brigham Young”: A Film in Context by James V. D’Arc (1989-11)
  13. The Doctor’s Original Face: Watching Doctor Who Episodes as Buddhist Koans by Ann Matsuuchi, Alexander Lozupone (2015-12)
  14. Echoes of Myth: The Feature Films of John Boorman by Peter Wilson Johnson (1984-09)
  15. Explicit and Implicit Religion in Doctor Who and Star Trek by James F. McGrath (2015-12)
  16. Filmic Constructions of Religious Spaces: Churches as Settings for Trauma, Change, and Redemption by Sofia Sjö (2015-07)
  17. Films and Religion: An analysis of Aamir Khan’s PK by Monisa Qadri, Sabeha Mufti (2015-12)
  18. The Final Frontier? Religion and Posthumanism in Film and Television by Elaine Graham (2015-09)
  19. The Flying Nun and Post-Vatican II Catholicism by Rick Wolff (1991-06)
  20. A God Who Play by Andrew Greeley (1991-06)
  21. A Hidden Light: Judaism, Contemporary Israeli Film, and the Cinematic Experience by Dan Chyutin (2015-11)
  22. Hollywood markets the Amish by John A. Hostetler and Donald B. Kraybill (1988-12)
  23. Hollywood’s New Mythology by Neil P. Hurley (1983-01)
  24. The immolated victim: Traditionalist Roman Catholicism and Mel Gibson’s ‘the passion of the Christ’ by Bernard Doherty (2015-12)
  25. The Impossible Pit: Satan, Hell, and Teaching with Doctor Who by Holly A. Jordan (2015-12)
  26. Islam, Consciousness and Early Cinema: Said Nursî and the Cinema of God by Canan Balan (2016-02)
  27. Islamic Representation in Television Advertising and its Impact on Modern Malay Muslim Women by Rosninawati Hussin, Sofia Hayati Yusoff, Siti Nubailah Mohd Yusof (2015-11)
  28. Islamic Television Programs : Content and Format Revisited by Osama Kanaker & Zulkiple A. Ghani (2015-12)
  29. Looking For God Profane & Sacred in the Films of Woody Allen by Richard A. Blake (1991-06)
  30. Mormons as silent cinema villains: propaganda and entertainment by Richard Alan Nelsona (1984-02)
  31. Movies as myths: An interpretation of motion picture mythology by Elizabeth C. Hirschman (1988-04)
  32. Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again: Exploring Faith, Doubt, and the Disciple Journey of a Companion to the Doctor by Jasper Peters (2015-12)
  33. The pastoral tradition in film by Andrew J. Ford (1985-04)
  34. A poor reflection as in a mirror?: Film as both window and mirror for theology by Jonathan Holt (2015-12)
  35. Preaching to the converted: conversion language and the constitution of the TV evangelical community
    by Wright Wright (1989-11)
  36. “Receive with Simplicity Everything That Happens to You”: Schlemiel (Meta) Physics in the Coens’ A Serious Man by Krzysztof Majer (2015-11)
  37. The Return of the Sacred”: Implicit Religion and Initiation Symbolism in Zvyagintsev’s Vozvrashchenie (2003) by Andrada Fătu-Tutoveanu (2015-11)
  38. The Returned and the Departed. The living and the dead in the TV series The Leftovers and Les Revenants by Franzoni Andrea (2016-01)
  39. The sacrificial sheep in three French-North African film:
    displacements and reappropriations
    by Dora Carpenter-Latiri (2016-02)
  40. Searching for the Star Child by Harlan Kennedy (1984-09)
  41. Sensing Religion in Alfonso Cuarón’s “Children of Men” by M. Gail Hamner (2015-12)
  42. Will we get McLuhan to the church on time? The “religious” dimensions of television by Jennifer Lemon (1989-07)
  43. Woody Allen’s Theological Imagination by Gary Commins (1987-07)
  44. Zombies in America and at Qumran: AMC’s The Walking Dead, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Apocalyptic Redux by Kipp Davis (2015-07)

Films added in March 2016 to

In the month of March I added 71films to Jewish Film Festivals. Some of them are old, others are new. There are shorts, feature films, documentaries and TV series among them. In the list below I used the English title for all them, but many of them are from other countries. The only thing common in them is that they were all shown at one more Jewish Film Festival. I hope you will find some interesting one films here:

  1. Aaron’s Magic Village / The Real Shlemiel / Die Schelme von Schelm (1995, 87 min) Buy/Watch
  2. Against Your Will (2015, 51 min)
  3. Bark Mitzvah (2015, 8 min)
  4. Belzec (2005, 100 min) Buy/Watch
  5. Birthplace / Miejsce urodzenia (1992, 47 min)
  6. Bulmus: Caught in the Net (2016, 9 min)
  7. Chaja & Mimi (2009, 10 min)
  8. Claire Bloom: British Legend of Stage and Screen (2012, 60 min) Buy/Watch
  9. Coaching Colburn (2016, 27 min)
  10. Complicit (2013, 66 min)
  11. Elie and us / Elie et nous (2010, 69 min)
  12. Endless Abilities (2013, 76 min)
  13. The Eulogy of Pini Gurevich (2015, 20 min)
  14. Eva, Ruda, Léo and me / Eva, Ruda, Léo et moi (2015, 53 min)
  15. Everything Is Copy (2015, 89 min)
  16. Family Commitments / Familie verpflichtet (2015, 85 min)
  17. The Fearless Vampire Killers, or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (1967, 91 min) Buy/Watch
  18. Finding Miracles (2015, 9 min)
  19. Finishers / De toutes nos forces (2013, 86 min) Buy/Watch
  20. Francofonia (2015, 88 min)
  21. Frog Hunt / Tseid Tsfardeim (2012, 15 min)
  22. From Hollywood to Nuremberg: John Ford, Samuel Fuller, George Stevens (2012, 53 min) Buy/Watch
  23. General Rehearsal (2013, 12 min)
  24. Giza, the Suitcase Child / Giza, La Nina de la Maleta (2014, 46 min)
  25. God Told Me To (1976, 91 min) Buy/Watch
  26. Goldberg & Eisenberg: Til Death Do Us Part (2013, 90 min) Buy/Watch
  27. Guard Hut / Budke (2012, 17 min)
  28. H I Jew Positive (2013, 80 min)
  29. Hanka’s Tattoo (2015, 15 min)
  30. Happy New Year / Bonne Annee (2013, 10 min)
  31. Harbour of Hope / Hoppets hamn (2011, 76 min) Buy/Watch
  32. Hear This! / Moet je horen! (2013, 15 min)
  33. Herb & Dorothy 50X50 (2013, 87 min)
  34. Hint / Remez (2012, 16 min)
  35. I Remember Barbra (1981, 23 min)
  36. If that is so, then I’m a murderer / …dann bin ich ja ein Mörder! (2012, 70 min)
  37. Internal Combustion (2014, 86 min)
  38. The Interviewer (2012, 12 min)
  39. Ishtar (1987, 107 min) Buy/Watch
  40. It’s Purim Today (2015, 13 min)
  41. Jerusalemites Can’t Swim (2013, 50 min)
  42. Jewish Blind Date (2015, 16 min)
  43. Jews of Harbin (2014, 53 min)
  44. Junction 48 (2016, 95 min)
  45. Junun (2015, 54 min) Buy/Watch
  46. Lejaim A Eliahu Toker: An Illuminated Life / Lejaim A Eliahu Toker: Una Vida Iluminando (2013, 48 min)
  47. The Length of the Alphabet / La longueur de l’alphabet (2013, 52 min)
  48. Like Children (2012, 9 min)
  49. Making Morning Star (2015, 40 min)
  50. Marvin Seth and Stanley (2012, 75 min) Buy/Watch
  51. Mikey and Nicky (1976, 119 min) Buy/Watch
  52. Mushkie (2016, 12 min)
  53. Nana, George and Me (1998, 48 min)
  54. Never a Bystander (2014, 30 min)
  55. A New Leaf (1971, 102 min) Buy/Watch
  56. A New Life on the Land (2014, 55 min)
  57. Nightswimming / S’chiya Leylit (2013, 24 min)
  58. Norman Lear: Just Another Version Of You (2016, 91 min)
  59. One Day in Auschwitz (2015, 45 min)
  60. TheOther Dignity / La Otra Dignidad (2013, 50 min)
  61. Presenting Princess Shaw (2015, 80 min)
  62. Purim: The Lot (2014, 65 min) Buy/Watch
  63. Robbery of the Heart (2015, 80 min)
  64. Shores of Light: Salento 1945-1947 (2015, 56 min)
  65. Sleeping With the Fishes (2013, 95 min) Buy/Watch
  66. Slower Than A Heartbeat / Yoter Ity Mi’Lev (2012, 90 min)
  67. Ten Buildings Away / Asara Rehovot Mea Etsim (2015, 25 min)
  68. Tipsy Torah: Purim (2015, 8 min)
  69. TheUpside Down Book (2013, 52 min)
  70. Wounded Land (2015, 80 min)
  71. You Are Me (2013, 13 min)

Articles added to in 2015 started the site a a school project 11 years ago, but recently haven’t done much with it. I plan to revive it, or at least add more content to it. If I succeed I will post monthly summary of updates here, just like I do with my and sites. Meanwhile below is the short list of scholarly articles I added to it in 2015. Most of them are fresh (or were last year), but I also did some historical research and added a few from the 1970’s.

  1. ” And You Were There”: A Trip Down the Yellow Brick Road with the Academic Study of Religion by Laurel Zwissler (2014-10)
  2. Anti-Feminism in Recent Apocalyptic Film by Joel W. Martin (2000-04)
  3. The Apocalyptic Cosmology of Star Wars by John Lyden (2000-04)
  4. Appalachia on Film: “The Making of” Sergeant York by David D. Lee (1981-04)
  5. Armageddon at the Millennial Dawn by Conrad Ostwalt (2000-04)
  6. Beyond the limits of the law: a Christological reading of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight by Timothy D Petersa (2015-10)
  7. The Binding of Abraham: Inverting the Akedah in Fail-Safe and WarGames by Hunter B. Dukes (2015-01)
  8. Blood-Suckers! The Concepts Revisionist and Anti-revisionist Mythology Introduced by the Vampire- and Werewolf-tetralogy Underworld (2003-2012) by Stefan L. Arvidsson (2014-10)
  9. Broken by God: Fate and Divine Intervention in Breaking the Waves by James Martel (2015-04)
  10. Bruce Willis as the Messiah: Human Effort, Salvation and Apocalypticism in Twelve Monkeys by Frances Flannery Dailey (2000-04)
  11. Cannibalism, Communion, and Multifaith Sacrifice in the Novel and Film Life of Pi by Michael Thorn (2015-03)
  12. Children of Men’s Ambient Apocalyptic Visions by Marcus O’Donnell (2015-03)
  13. Climbing a ladder to heaven. Gnostic vision of the world in Jacob’s Ladder (1990) by Fryderyk Kwiatkowski (2015-10)
  14. Close Encounters: The Gospel According to Steven Spielberg by Andrew Gordon (1980-04)
  15. Cloud Atlas’ Queer Tiki Kitsch: Polynesians, Settler Colonialism, and Sci-Fi Film by Gabriel S. Estrada (2014-10)
  16. Con Men and a Conned Society: Religion in Contemporary American Cinema by John R. May (1977-07)
  17. Confirmation of Prophecy by Proxy: Audience Anticipation and Reception of the 2014 Movie Left Behind and its Relevance to the Dispensational Premillennialist Worldview by Andrew R. Burns (2015-05)
  18. The Conversion of the Jews by Lester Friedman (1981-07)
  19. Cults, Cant, and Converts: An Ideological Issue in Xena:Warrior Princess by Wim Tigges (2015-03)
  20. Decoding the mise -en -scène of contemporary secular spirituality: a research monograph. Part I: context, approach and relevant literature by Graham Rossiter (2014-07)
  21. Deliverance: Four Variations of the American Adam by Robert Armour (1973-07)
  22. Derek Jarman’s Renaissance and The Devils (1971) by Rowland Wymer (2014-10)
  23. Discrimination towards Nasira as a Muslim woman and Rochel as an orthodox Jewish woman reflected in Arranged by Tri Wasiul Hakim (2013-06)
  24. Dystopian narratives and humanism. what a zombie makeover really looks like by Jordan Ryan Goings (2015-03)
  25. Eucharistic Imagery in Film: Two Patterns of Usage by Caesar A. Montevecchio (2015-01)
  26. Evil Looks Right Back at You: Portrayals of Catholicism in American Horror Story: Asylum by Mariana Colin (2015-05)
  27. An Evil Threat to Marriage, Children and the Future: Queer Theory, “The Passion of the Christ,” and Evangelical Political Rhetoric by Richard Wolff (2015-01)
  28. The Failure of a Pseudo-Christian Community in a Nation-State in Crisis: 28 Days Later by Karl E. Martin (2014-10)
  29. Faith Under the Fedora: Indiana Jones and the Heroic Journey Towards God by Chris Yogerst (2014-10)
  30. Faith, Doubt, and Chiasmus in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Decalogue I by William Bartley (2014-10)
  31. Firefly – So “pretty” it could not die by Michael W. Marek (2008-02)
  32. Gabriel, Abortion, and Anti-Annunciation in The Prophecy, Constantine, and Legion by Jeffrey M. Tripp (2015-03)
  33. The Gendering of Pastors in Contemporary Nordic Films: Norms, Conventions and Contemporary Views by Sofia Sjö (2015-10)
  34. The Ha-Ha Holocaust: Exploring Levity Amidst the Ruins and Beyond in Testimony, Literature and Film by Aviva Atlani (2014-11)
  35. Holocaust Humor, Satire, and Parody on Israeli Television by Liat Steir-Livny (2015-08)
  36. ” Holy Book of Job, Batman!” by Little Raven (2015-06)
  37. How to Be a Genuine Fake: Her, Alan Watts, and the Problem of the Self by David L. Smith (2014-10)
  38. ” I Ain’t So Sure but What the Lord Done Put These Folks in Our Path for a Reason”: Latter-day Saints Building Communities Through Dancing in John Ford’s Wagon Master by Ian Dwayne Pettigrew (2015-10)
  39. I Dream, Therefore I Am: What Dreams May Come by Susan L. Schwartz (2000-04)
  40. ” If you can hold on…”: counter-apocalyptic play in Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales by Marcus O’Donnell (2014-10)
  41. Imperialism in New Testament films by Jeremy Punt (2014-12)
  42. Iranian Women, Iranian Cinema: Negotiating with Ideology and Tradition by Najmeh Moradiyan Rizi (2015-01)
  43. Is Slumdog Millionaire a Retelling of the Ramayana?
    by William L. Blizek (2015-10)
  44. Islam in Turkish Cinema by Bilal Yorulmaz and William L. Blizek (2014-10)
  45. John Huston’s Wise Blood (1980) : On Southern prophets and con men by Anne-Marie Paquet-Deyris (2015-07)
  46. Joseph McBride on Three Godfathers by Joseph McBride (1973-07)
  47. ” Like You Could Read What Was Inside of Me”: Genocide, Hermeneutics, and Religion in The Wizard of Oz by Ken Derry (2014-10)
  48. Make Way for Youth: The American Jewish Committee and the Social Problem Film by Art Simon (2013-10)
  49. Media Review: Bollywood Religious Comedy: An Inaugural Humor-neutics by Sheila J. Nayar (2015-07)
  50. The Menace of the Religious Movie by A. W. Tozer (1974-01)
  51. Missionaries, modernity and the moving image: re-presenting the Melanesian Other to Christian communities in the West between the World Wars by Stella Ramage (2015-02)
  52. Modern Mythology: 2001 AD: A Space Odyssey by John M. Hood (1974-03)
  53. The Movie Mogul, Moses and Muslims: Islamic Elements in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments (1956) by Michael D. Calabria OFM (2015-01)
  54. Muslims in Film and Muslim Filmmaking in the United States by Hussein Rashid (2014-12)
  55. Myth, Religion, and the Man Behind the Curtain by Michael Ostling (2014-10)
  56. The Non-Place between Sacred and Profane: Utopian Gestures in the Apparatus of Semiocapitalism in Laurent Cantet’s L’emploi du temps by Tamas Nagypal (2015-01)
  57. On Teaching “Jesus in Fiction and Film” by Darren J. N. Middleton (2015-04)
  58. A Path Less Traveled: Rethinking Spirituality in the Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky by Adam Breckenridge (2015-10)
  59. ” People in Hell Want Slurpees”: The Redefinition of the Zombie Genre through the Salvific Portrayal of Family on AMC’s The Walking Dead by Joshua D. Ambrosius & Joseph M. Valenzano III (2015-04)
  60. Personal Identity and Angelic Touch in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire by Chris Venner (2015-01)
  61. Puerile Patriarchs of an Infantilized God. Mythological Meme Mutations in Contemporary Cinema by Doru Pop (2015-07)
  62. Recognition and Rejection of Sikh Identity in Film by Geetanjali Singh Chanda (2014-08)
  63. The Rejection of Rationalism in Recent Science Fiction Films by Lane Roth (1981-06)
  64. Religion and film in American culture: the birth of a nation by Krzysztof Jozajtis (2001-06)
  65. Religion and the Anzac Legend on Screen by Daniel Reynaud (2015-04)
  66. Religion, Education and The West Wing by Diane Corkery (2014-10)
  67. Religious Films in Zimbabwean Contexts by Adam T. Shreve (2015-07)
  68. Religious Tourism and TV Serials: the Case of Two Italian Papal Birthplaces by Lorenzo Bagnoli and Rita Capurro (2014-12)
  69. Religious Transcendence and the Horizons of Culture: Observations on the Role of Religion in American Film by W. Richard Comstock (1981-10)
  70. Representation of the Apocalypse in Hollywood Cinema by Dr. Abbas Assadi, Rahime Zeynali (2015-03)
  71. The Resurrection Days Are Over: Resurrection from Doctor Who to Torchwood by Jim Clarke (2015-03)
  72. Revisiting The Ghosts of Vatican II: Gender in Catholic Horror Cinema of the American 60s and 70s by Currie Dixon McKinley (2015-05)
  73. Robert Wise’s The Day the Earth Stood Still Part I: A Religious Film? by Anton Karl Kozlovic (2013-10)
  74. The Seventh Seal by John C. Stubbs (1975-04)
  75. Star Wars, the Future and Christian Eschatology by D. W. Ingersoll Jr., J. M. Nickell, C. D. Lewis (1980-11)
  76. Stars, Light, and Finding the Way Home: Jewish Characters in Contemporary Film and Television by Terry Barr (1993-08)
  77. Television vampire fandom and religion by Minja Bloom (2013-06)
  78. Temporality in Ancient and Contemporary Revelations: Hypermasculinity and Violence in the Book of Revelation and Donnie Darko by Alexander Cox-Twardowski (2014-08)
  79. ” There’s No Place Like Home”: An American Koan by David L. Smith (2014-10)
  80. Trauma, Guilt, and Ethics in BeTipul and In Treatment: The Universalist Approach and (Jewish) Particularism of Psychoanalysis in Transnational Television by Michaela Wuensch (2015-08)
  81. True Love’s Kiss and Happily Ever After: the religion of love in American film by Jyoti Raghu (2015-08)
  82. Ulak (The Messenger): a mystic fable of Islamic messianism by Ebru Thwaites Dikena (2015-10)
  83. Undoing the Claim of Objectivity: Contradictions at the Heart of Bergtji van der Haak, Saudi Solutions (2005) by Anisa Saeed Mohammed Nasser (2015-01)
  84. ” We Are Legion”: Primal Dreams and Screams in the Satanic Screen by Carrol L. Fry (2015-10)
  85. What the Frak, Frankenstein! Teenagers, Gods, and Postcolonial Monsters on Caprica by James H. Thrall (2015-07)
  86. When Church and Cinema Combine: Blurring Boundaries through Media-savvy Evangelicalism by Deborah Justice (2014-02)
  87. William Blake’s Jerusalem and the Los Angeles of Film Noir by Harold Henry Hellwig (2014-01)
  88. Woody Allen, Theologian by John Dart (1977-06)

Films added in February 2016 to

Poster for Karski & The Lords of Humanity / Karski i wladcy ludzkosciIn the month of February I added 85  films to Jewish Film Festivals. Some of them are old, others are new. There are shorts, feature films, documentaries and TV series among them. In the list below I used the English title for all them, but many of them are from other countries. The only thing common in them is that they were all shown at one more Jewish Film Festival. I hope you will find some interesting one films here:

  1. 18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre (2012, 40 min)
  2. The 81st Blow / Ha-Makah Hashmonim V’Echad (1975, 115 min)
  3. A Prayer for Aliyah (2012, 27 min)
  4. The A Word (2010, 105 min)
  5. Absent God (2014, 68 min)
  6. The Amazing Charleroux (2011, 10 min)
  7. Ash and Hopes – My Struggle to Survive / Cenizas y esperanzas – Mi lucha por sobrevivir (2014, 28 min)
  8. Beqassor (1950, 120 min)
  9. Bike for the Fight (2013, 25 min)
  10. Bogdan’s Journey (2016, 90 min)
  11. The Building Across (2012, 5 min)
  12. Café Nagler (2015, 59 min)
  13. The Cake (2013, 5 min)
  14. Chantal Akerman, From Here / Chantal Akerman, de cá (2010, 61 min)
  15. The Details (2013, 5 min)
  16. The Diary of Anne Frank / Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank (2016, 128 min)
  17. The Dreamers (2011, 57 min)
  18. The Escape (2013, 74 min)
  19. Evan Kaufmann: Fathers’ Land (2012, 10 min)
  20. Everything Is Copy (2015, 89 min)
  21. Filme sobre um Bom Fim / Film about a Good End (2015, 88 min)
  22. Flames in the Ashes / Pnei Hamered (1987, 96 min)
  23. For Sabbath (2015, 11 min)
  24. Frog and Toad Together (2016, 30 min)
  25. Front of the Class (2008, 95 min) Buy/Watch
  26. The Gambling Man (2012, 24 min)
  27. Gedenk – A new generation remembers / Guedenk – Una nueva generación recuerda (2015, 55 min)
  28. Gerda’s Silence / Gerdas Schweigen (2008, 95 min) Buy/Watch
  29. God’s Messengers (2015, 76 min)
  30. Gold Will Set You Free / Oro Macht Frei (2013, 70 min)
  31. Greenhorn (2015, 25 min)
  32. Hands of Flame (2014, 9 min)
  33. Historia Kowalskich (2009, 70 min)
  34. Hotel Lux (2011, 102 min) Buy/Watch
  35. I Want to be a Boarder (1937, 15 min)
  36. Incognito (2015, 11 min)
  37. Jerusalem of Steel (2005, 5 min)
  38. The Jester / Der Purimspiler (1937, 90 min)
  39. Karski & The Lords of Humanity / Karski i wladcy ludzkosci (2015, 72 min)
  40. Ladies’ Tailor / Damiskiy Portnoy (1990, 92 min)
  41. The Last Sea / Ha-Yam Ha’Aharon (1984, 100 min)
  42. León, Reflections of a Passion / León, reflejos de una pasión (2015, 70 min)
  43. Less Than One (2014, 6 min)
  44. Lev Haaretz / Ramleh (2001, 58 min)
  45. Line 41 / Linie 41 (2015, 101 min)
  46. Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party (2013, 70 min) Buy/Watch
  47. Menazka (The Pot) (2015, 49 min)
  48. The Monaco Watch / L’orologio di Monaco (2014, 63 min)
  49. Monumento (2016, 80 min)
  50. My Angel / Mon Ange (2014, 22 min)
  51. My Emo Life (2015, 48 min)
  52. Neil Diamond: Solitary Man (2010, 60 min)
  53. A Night at the Opera (1935, 96 min) Buy/Watch
  54. Nina’s Barn (2015, 55 min)
  55. NYC Life (2015, 8 min)
  56. The Pale of Settlement (2013, 18 min)
  57. Passover Fever / Leylasede (1995, 100 min) Buy/Watch
  58. Pawn Sacrifice (2014, 115 min) Buy/Watch
  59. Peeping Toms / Metzitzim (1973, 90 min) Buy/Watch
  60. The Pickle Recipe (2016, 97 min)
  61. Reflection (2013, 4 min)
  62. Returning to Light / Volviendo a la Luz (2009, 52 min)
  63. Rewriting History (2012, 80 min)
  64. Russendisko (2012, 100 min) Buy/Watch
  65. Sand Storm / Sufat Chol (2016, 97 min)
  66. Sashenka (2011, 9 min)
  67. The Settlers (2016, 120 min)
  68. Shattered Rhymes (2014, 63 min)
  69. Shore of Love / Shati el gharam (1950, 105 min)
  70. So Israel is Eating / So isst Israel (2015, 90 min)
  71. A Song of Loves: R. David Buzaglo (2015, 60 min)
  72. Subte (Subway): Polska (2015, 98 min)
  73. Taxman (1999, 104 min) Buy/Watch
  74. Tevya (1939, 93 min)
  75. Thank You for Calling / Je compte sur vous (2015, 98 min)
  76. That Bites!: a Documentary About Food Allergies Made by a 12 year old Boy (2015, 46 min)
  77. A Third Way – Settlers and Palestinians as Neighbors (2015, 70 min)
  78. Thy Father’s Chair (2015, 74 min)
  79. Trembling Before G-d (2001, 94 min) Buy/Watch
  80. Tunnel of Hope (2015, 88 min)
  81. Uri Avneri: A Warrior for Peace / Hanadon: Uri Avneri (2002, 75 min)
  82. Welcome (2009, 110 min) Buy/Watch
  83. Wild West Hebron / Maaravon B’Har Hebron (2013, 95 min)
  84. Wings of Change (2016, 53 min)
  85. Zaguri Empire (2014, 40 min)

Film Review: In Search of Israeli Cuisine (2016, Israel, 97 min)

Poster for In Search of Israeli CuisineTake one part of each: travelogue, anthropology, cooking show, business study, biography, add a whole lotta color and spice and you just created the movie In Search of Israeli Cuisine. You also need some cash, so you ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and then turned it into a PBS movie and you are still accepting donations through the Jewish Journal. If you did all this your name is Roger Sherman, the director, writer and Michael Solomonov, the chef/guide of the film.

Let’s look at the ingredients. We are taken to all corners of Israel and as can be seen on the intercut map it happens in a non-linear way. We don’t see much more of the country than the selected restaurants or homes of restaurateurs, but even this limited view ensures that we become aware the geographical and visual diversity of the country. It is also an ethnographic study. If you want to define and identify the cuisine of such a country, that consists of or comes from scores of ethnicities you kind of have to dig into their stories. It is done through participatory observations as we get into people’s identities through their home and commercial kitchen.

Not a single recipe presented in its full detail in the movie, but it is still very much a cooking show. We learn lots of details, tricks, secrets on how certain items are created, but only based on the information gained here you wouldn’t be able to cook any of them. Mr. Sherman is a restaurateur himself, so he was interested in the business aspect of “Israeli cuisine”. We hear about trends in the changes of Israeli taste, the importance of location, and how the industry has changed over the decades. We also learn about Solomonov himself, his background, his brother’s death and what made him search for his identity.

None of these academic details matter though as much as the fantastic, foods, places and people he discovered for us, the wider audience. From simple whole-in-the-wall places to posh over-the top eating palaces almost everyone emphasized the importance of using local, wholesome ingredients. And they sure looked succulent. Some may find the movie bit long. It isn’t exactly repetitive, but a bit of editing would have improved the cinematic experience. I, though, enjoyed every minute of it. My only regret is that I couldn’t taste it. I wish someone would invent an extension where you could taste what’s cooking on the screen. This film would be the first one I would try that out with.


  • Official site
  • Facebook page
  • IMDB summary: A portrait of the Israeli people told through food. We shot in fine restaurants, in home kitchens, wineries, cheese makers, on the street and much more. Americans see Israelis and Palestinians as always in conflict. Those are not the people of Israel for the most part. “The Search for Israeli Cuisine” will show the 70+ cultures that make up the Israeli people, each with wonderful and unique food traditions. Israel has one of the hottest food scenes in the world. Getting into restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is as difficult as New York or San Francisco. Viewers will be amazed and impressed.
  • Trailer:

* As a member of the committee helping to put on the Jewish Film Festival, organized by the Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County, I preview movies to help decide which ones to play at the Festival. I watched this movie as part of this volunteer effort.

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