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Poster for Career Suicide, Culture Abuse, Ruleta Rusa, Ex-Youth, Abusivo (Santa Rosa, 2016-01-16)

23 videos/songs, 5 punk bands, 1 concert: Career Suicide, Culture Abuse, Ruleta Rusa, Ex-Youth, Abusivo (Santa Rosa, 2016-01-16)

Almost 4 years ago I attended a show at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa California where 5 punk bands played. I recorded almost the whole show. For the first 3 bands I broke it down song-by-song for YouTube, but the for the last two, just posted their whole respective sets in one. If any of bands, or their fans know the titles of the songs let me know and I will add that info too. Here are all the the videos I have from the evening, starting from the band that played last:

Career Suicide

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27 minute long set

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Concert video: Radioactivity, Culture Abuse, Lunch

Poster for Radioactivity, Culture Abuse, Lunch concertIt’s too bad that I missed the first of four bands (Service) at a concert on October 13, because I liked them at their very first concert. But I am glad that I caught the second one, because that was my favorite from the whole evening: Lunch (from Portland) . They played the kind of postpunk reminiscent of Joy Division and Cure that I like. (MP3 album @ Amazon.)  It was a pleasure to listen to songs I never heard before, live. After them the was an angry little punk band by the name of Culture Abuse (LP @ Amazon). They were basic fun and their members were more diverse than their music. Finally the headliners, Radioactivity,  played a bit of an aloof set. (CD @ Amazon) I was not impressed with their boring rock. Here are the 21 songs I recorded tat night:


Culture Abuse

Lunch (from Portland)


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