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TV shows I watched in 2020

TV shows I watched in 2020

The combined effect of spending the majority of the year at home and the family having a Netflix subscription resulted in me watching much more TV shows than previously. Below is an incomplete list of them.

I have seen every available episode of these shows from the very first to the very last

  • Barbaren / Barbarians (Germany, 2020): 6 episodes and there will be a second season
  • Better Call Saul (US, 2015-20): 5 seasons, 10 episode each, awaiting the final season, hopefully out in 2021; Season 5 on Amazon Prime
  • Biohackers (Germany, 2020): 6 episodes and a second season is coming
  • Dark (Germany, 2017-20: 26 episodes, with nice closure
  • Hollywood (USA, 2020): 7 episodes and second season is unlikely
  • La casa de papel / Money Heist (Spain, 2017-20): had “31” episodes (Netflix recut the first half of the series, not developed by then so 31 is an approximate number.) Final season is in the works.
  • Space Force (USA, 2020): 10 episodes, second season coming up
  • Unorthodox (Germany/USA, 2020): 4 episodes, no second season, no matter how many people want it
  • What/If (USA, 2019): 10 episodes, second season is likely, but not yet confirmed.
  • White Lines (UK/Spain, 2020): 10 episodes and then got cancelled.

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