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Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in March 2016

"How Come Boys Get to Keep Their Noses?" by Tahneer OksmanHere is the list of books that made it here during the month of March 2016:

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in February 2016

Cover for Books posted in February 2016 I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of February 2016:

  1. Anna and the Swallow Man by Gavriel Savit
  2. Athar by Shlomo Kalo
  3. The Beautiful Possible by Amy Gottlieb
  4. Béla’s Letters by Jeff Ingber
  5. The Bible Doesn’t Say That: 40 Biblical Mistranslations, Misconceptions, and Other Misunderstandings by Joel M. Hoffman
  6. The Dao of Being Jewish and Other Stories: Seeking Jewish Narrative All Over the World by Irene Shaland
  7. The Dream of Zion: The Story of the First Zionist Congress by Lawrence J. Epstein
  8. Elisha Davidson and the Ispaklaria by M.R. Attar
  9. Finding Home: In the Footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers by Jill Culiner
  10. From Sinai to Ethiopia by Sharon Shalom
  11. Groucho Marx: The Comedy of Existence by Lee Siegel
  12. Hare and Tortoise Race Across Israel by Laura Gehl
  13. Holocaust Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Images, Memory, and the Ethics of Representation by Gerd Bayer and Oleksandr Kobrynskyy
  14. How the Jews Defeated Hitler by Benjamin Ginsberg
  15. In the Land of Armadillos: Stories by Helen Maryles Shankman
  16. Israel’s Edge: The Story of The IDF’s Most Elite Unit – Talpiot by Jason Gewirtz
  17. Janusz Korczak: Sculptor of Children’s Souls by Marcia Talmage Schneider
  18. Jewish Prayer Texts from the Cairo Genizah by Stefan C. Reif
  19. Jewish Stories of Wisdom by Patrick Fischmann
  20. Levi & Aya by Shoshana Banana
  21. Max Baer and the Star of David by Jay Neugeboren
  22. Mazal Tov, Amigos! Jews and Popular Music in the Americas by Amalia Ran and Moshe Morad
  23. Modernizing Jewish Education in Nineteenth Century Eastern Europe by Mordechai Zalkin
  24. My Aunt Manya by Jose Patterson
  25. Our Jewish Robot Future by Leonard Borman
  26. Piece of Mind by Michelle Adelman
  27. Putting God Second: How to Save Religion from Itself by Donniel Hartman
  28. Scattered Among The Nations by Bryan Schwartz
  29. Sister of Zion by Ruth Danon
  30. Soul Mazal: In the beginning by David Katz
  31. Stolen Words: The Nazi Plunder of Jewish Books by Mark Glickman
  32. Their Promised Land: My Grandparents in Love and War by Ian Buruma
  33. Women’s Hebrew Poetry on American Shores: Poems by Anne Kleiman and Annabelle Farmelant
  34. Yearning to Breathe Free: My Parents’ Fight to Reunite during the Holocaust by Murray Jack Lauicht with Peter Weisz
  35. The Yid by Paul Goldberg
  36. The Zohar Pritzker Edition, Volume Ten by Daniel C. Matt

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in January 2016

The Zohar Pritzker Edition, Volume Nine by Daniel C. MattI have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of January 2016:

  1. Along the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams
  2. The Atoning Dyad: The Two Goats of Yom Kippur in the Apocalypse of Abraham by Andrei Orlov
  3. Burning Bright: Four Chanukah Love Stories by Megan Hart, KK Hendin, Stacey Agdern, Jennifer Gracen
  4. But You Did Not Come Back by Marceline Loridan-Ivens
  5. Creating a Collection: a Basic Book List for Judaic Libraries by Marlene Schiffman, Leslie Monchar
  6. Divine Scapegoats: Demonic Mimesis in Early Jewish Mysticism by Andrei A. Orlov
  7. From Silt and Ashes: Sequel to Please Say Kaddish For Me by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
  8. Ghost Runners: An Olympic Dream Betrayed by Robert Rubenstein
  9. Gittle, A Girl of the Steppes by Estelle Rubin Brager
  10. God and Politics in Esther by Yoram Hazony
  11. Good on Paper by Rachel Cantor
  12. Joyfully Jewish: Family and Adult Coloring Book for Relaxation and Meditation by Rae Shagalov
  13. Lilith’s Demons by Julie R Enszer
  14. The Manasseh Hill Country Survey: Volume 3: From Nahal Iron to Nahal Shechem by Adam Zertal, Nivi Mirkam, Shay Bar
  15. My Dear Otto by Saul Stier
  16. My Train to Freedom by Ivan A. Backer
  17. On the Eve: The Jews of Europe Before the Second World War by Bernard Wasserstein
  18. The Parting of the Ways: How Esoteric Judaism and Christianity Influenced the Psychoanalytic Theories of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung by Richard Kradin
  19. Primo Levi’s Resistance: Rebels and Collaborators in Occupied Italy by Sergio Luzzatto
  20. Repercussions by Anthony Schneider
  21. Rise of an Oligarch by Carlito Sofer and Nik Krasno
  22. Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year-Old Author by Herman Wouk
  23. Shmulik Paints the Town by Lisa Rose
  24. The Song of Hartgrove Hall by Natasha Solomons
  25. Surviving Hitler: The Unlikely True Story of an SS Soldier and a Jewish Woman by O. Hakan Palm
  26. Sweet Burdens: Welfare and Communality Among Russian Jews in Germany by Sveta Roberman
  27. Two Arabs, a Berber, and a Jew: Entangled Lives in Morocco by Lawrence Rosen
  28. Under the Chuppah: A Jewish Couple’s Guide to Weddings and Meaningful Marriage by Bruce Forman
  29. An Undisturbed Peace by Mary Glickman
  30. Unspeakable Things by Kathleen Spivack
  31. The White Piano by Uvi Poznansky
  32. White Walls: A Memoir About Motherhood, Daughterhood, and the Mess In Between by Judy Batalion
  33. Why is Great Grandma So Sad? Discovering the Holocaust Through the Eyes of a Child by Susan Heagy
  34. The Zohar Pritzker Edition, Volume Nine by Daniel C. Matt

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in December 2015

Renewing the Process of Creation by Bradley Shavit ArtsonI have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of December 2015:

  1. Anne Frank and the Remembering Tree by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and Erika Steiskal
  2. The Archaeology and Material Culture of the Babylonian Talmud by Markham J. Geller
  3. Arthur Green: Hasidism for Tomorrow by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. Hughes
  4. The Big Jewish Songbook by Velvel Pasternak
  5. Bovo d’Antona by Elye Bokher. A Yiddish Romance by Claudia Rosenzweig
  6. The Complete Works of Primo Levi by Primo Levi
  7. The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance, Volume 2 by Martin G. Abegg, Jr. , James E. Bowley and Edward M. Cook
  8. Dear Santa, Love Rachel Rosenstein by Amanda Peet and Andrea Troyer
  9. The Death of Jacob by Kerry D. Lee, Jr.
  10. Encounters: My Life in Publishing by George Braziller
  11. Etched in My Memory: Reflections of a Holocaust Survivor by Miriam M. Brysk
  12. Exploring the Dead Sea Scrolls; Archaeology and Literature of the Qumran Caves by Hanan Eshel
  13. Farmer Kobi’s Hanukkah Match by Rabbi Ron Isaacs and Karen Rostoker-Gruber
  14. Fever at Dawn by Péter Gárdos
  15. The Girl from Human Street: A Jewish Family Odyssey by Roger Cohen
  16. The Greatest Need: The Creative Life and Troubled Times of Lily Tobias, a Welsh Jew in Palestine by Jasmine Donahaye
  17. Hereville: How Mirka Caught a Fish by Barry Deutsch
  18. History of the Jews in the Bohemian Lands by Martin Wein
  19. History, Memory, and Jewish Identity by Ira Robinson, Naftali S. Cohn and Lorenzo DiTommaso
  20. In the Shadow of God: Poems of Memory & Healing by Chaya Rosen
  21. Jewish Studies in the 21st Century: Prague – Europe – World by Marcela Zoufala
  22. Jews and Muslims in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union by Franziska Davies, Michael Brenner and Martin Schulze Wessel
  23. Journey of Strangers by Elizabeth Zelvin
  24. Ketzel, the Cat Who Composed by Lesléa Newman
  25. King of the Road: From Bergen-Belsen to the Olympic Games by Shaul Ladany
  26. Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrew by Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein
  27. The Latke in the Library & Other Mystery Stories for Chanukah by Libi Astaire
  28. Lavi: The United States, Israel and a Controversial Fighter Jet by John Golan
  29. The Long Night: A True Story by Ernst Israel Bornstein
  30. Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel by Joshua Muravchik
  31. Miriam’s Song by Smadar Shir
  32. The Mizrahi Era of Rebellion by Bryan K. Roby
  33. The Mountain Jews and the Mirror by Ruchama King Feuerman
  34. My Russian Grandmother and Her American Vacuum Cleaner; A Famly Memoir by Meir Shalev
  35. One God, Many Worlds: Teachings of a Renewed Hasidism: A Festschrift in Honor of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z”l by Netanel Miles-Yepez
  36. Oskar and the Eight Blessings by Richard Simon
  37. Our Holocaust by Amir Gutfreund
  38. Patterns of Sin in the Hebrew Bible: Metaphor, Culture, and the Making of a Religious Conceptby Joseph Lam
  39. A Perfect storm: Antisemitism in South Africa 1930 – 1948by Milton Shain
  40. Performances of Ancient Jewish Lettersby Marvin Miller
  41. The Perspective from Mt. Sinai; The Book of Jubilees and Exodusby Betsy Halpern-Amaru
  42. The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai, editedby Robert Alter
  43. Preservation, Intrigue and Property: Dissolving Boston’s Vilna Shul Congregation 1985-2001by Michael Weingarten
  44. Reign and Religion in Palestineby Anne Lykke
  45. The Religious Genius in Rabbi Kook’s Thought National ‘Saint’?by Dov Schwartz
  46. Renewing the Process of Creationby Bradley Shavit Artson
  47. Royal Challengeby Yitzhak Salomon
  48. The Safest Lieby Angela Cerrito
  49. Seed of Avraham – The 4000 Year History of the Jewish Familyby Othniel J Seiden
  50. Sephardic Baking from Nona and More Favorites: A Collection of Recipes For Baking Desayuno And Moreby Linda Sendowski
  51. Shadal on Exodus: Samuel David Luzzatto’s Interpretation of the Book of Shemotby Daniel A. Klein
  52. Shoa and Experience: A Journey in Timeby Dan Soen & Nitza Davidovitch
  53. Society of Terror: Inside the Dachau and Buchenwald Concentration Campsby Paul Martin Neurath
  54. Studies in the History of Istanbul Jewry, 1453-1923by Minna Rozen
  55. Take Your Soul to Work: 365 Meditations on Every Day Leadershipby Erica Brown
  56. Tales of Three Cities: Urban Jewish Cultures in London, Berlin, and Paris (c. 1880-1940)by Tobias Metzler
  57. Then Comes Marriage: United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMAby Roberta Kaplan and Lisa Dickey
  58. Tiptoe Through Genesis: A Unique Adaptationby Nancy Reuben Greenfield
  59. Translating Holocaust Literatureby Peter Arnds
  60. The Tzaddik’s Accomplishmentby Mohorosh of Heichal Hakodesh Breslov
  61. Values and Ethics – Through a Jewish Lensby Fred and Joyce Claar
  62. We’re Almost There; Living with Patience, Perseverance and Purposeby Rabbi Dovid Cohen
  63. When G-d Asks Meby Devorah Kalani
  64. When We Danced on Waterby Evan Fallenberg
  65. Why Dogs Have Wet Nosesby Kenneth Steven
  66. Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: 1929by Hillel Cohen

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in November 2015

Angels at the Gate by T.K. ThorneI have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of November 2015:

  1. The 613 by Archie Rand
  2. Abraham: The World’s First (But Certainly Not Last) Jewish Lawyer by Alan Dershowitz
  3. Angels at the Gate by T.K. Thorne
  4. The Bible Retold byJewish Artists, Writers, Composers and Filmmakers by Helen Leneman and Barry Dov Walfish
  5. The Bridal Chair by Gloria Goldreich
  6. The Burdens of Brotherhood: Jews and Muslims from North Africa to France by Ethan B. Katz
  7. Captivity by György Spiró
  8. Crossing the Boundary: Stories of Jewish Leaders of Other Spiritual Paths by Alan Levin
  9. Dead Jew Walking: A Jewish Man’s Journey from Death to Life by Hugh Nemets
  10. The Debt of Tamar by Nicole Dweck
  11. The Deuteronomist’s History by Hans Ausloos
  12. Divinity School by Alicia Jo Rabins
  13. Emek Kosher Comics: A Jewish Comic Book
  14. Esther by Rebecca Kanner
  15. Evanescent Happiness: Ottoman Jews Encounter Modernity, the Case of Lea Mitrani and Joseph Niego (1863–1923) by Amalia Skarlatou
  16. Falafel Nation: Cuisine and the Making of National Identity in Israel by Yael Raviv
  17. Hanukkah Fun Book For Children by Rachel Mintz
  18. Happiness the Jewish Way: A Practical Guide to Happiness through the Lens of Jewish Wisdom by Olga Gilburd
  19. Holocaust Icons: Symbolizing the Shoah in History and Memory by Oren Baruch Stier
  20. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein
  21. The Illuminated Torah: Paintings and Essays on the Weekly Portions by Avner Moriah
  22. Killing a King: The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the Remaking of Israel by Dan Ephron
  23. Losing Leah by Chaya T. Hirsch
  24. The Muralist by B. A. Shapiro
  25. My Four Years in Soviet Russia (Jews of Poland) by Yitzhak Erlichson
  26. The Pater: My father, My judaism, My childlessness by Elliot Jager
  27. The Pawnbroker by Edward Lewis Wallant
  28. Plus One by Christopher Noxon
  29. The Price of a Passport by Sara Ronen
  30. Proust: The Search by Benjamin Taylor
  31. The Rachel’s Hope by Shelly Sanders
  32. Return to Casablanca: Jews, Muslims, and an Israeli Anthropologist by André Levy
  33. Return to Zion: The History of Modern Israel by Eric Gartman
  34. The Rise of Reform Judaism A Sourcebook of Its European Origins by W. Gunther Plaut
  35. Schmuck by Seth Kushner
  36. The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks
  37. Shalom Coloring: Adult Coloring Book by Freddie Levin and Judy Dick
  38. The Stone of the Tenth Realm by Eva Gordon
  39. Survivor: Aron’s Story by Alex Teplish
  40. Talks on the Parasha by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz
  41. Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film by Glenn Kurtz
  42. When Their Memories Became Mine: Moving Beyond My Parents’ Past by Pearl Goodman
  43. Wherever There Is Light by Peter Golden
  44. Woody: The Biography by David Evanier

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in October 2015

Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community by Ron WolfsonI have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of October 2015:

  1. 94 Maidens by Rhonda Fink-Whitman
  2. Akiva: Life, Legend, Legacy by Reuven Hammer
  3. Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein Story by Nancy Sprowell Geise
  4. A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka by Lev Golinkin
  5. Between Gods: A Memoir by Alison Pick
  6. The Columbus Code by Mike Evans
  7. The Crime and the Silence by Anna Bikont
  8. A Damaged Mirror: A story of memory and redemption by Yael Shahar and Ovadya ben Malka
  9. The Devil in Jerusalem by Naomi Ragen
  10. Everyone Has Their Reasons by Joseph Matthews
  11. The Feet of the Messenger by Yehoash (Solomon Blumgarten)
  12. From the Banks of the Rhine to the Banks of the Mississippi: The History of Jewish Immigrants and their Individual Stories by Anny Bloch-Raymond
  13. Hebrew of the Late Second Temple Period by Eibert Tigchelaar, Pierre Van Hecke
  14. Here and There: Leaving Hasidism, Keeping My Family by Chaya Deitsch
  15. Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets, Memory, and Faith by Heidi B. Neumark
  16. The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz
  17. The Hours Count by Jillian Cantor
  18. In the Shadow of Hitler: Alabama’s Jews, the Second World War, and the Holocaust by Dan J. Puckett
  19. Jewish Noir: Contemporary Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds by Kenneth Wishnia
  20. Jewish Responses to Persecution by Leah Wolfson
  21. Jews and Christians in Denmark From the Middle Ages to Recent Times, ca. 1100-1948 by Martin Schwarz Lausten
  22. Judaism as Philosophy: Studies in Maimonides and the Medieval Jewish Philosophers of Provence by Howard Kreisel
  23. Kissinger: 1923-1968: The Idealist by Niall Ferguson
  24. Kvetching and Shpritzing: Jewish Humor in American Popular Culture by Joseph Dorinson
  25. Michael Fishbane: Jewish Hermeneutical Theology by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Aaron W. Hughes
  26. Musical Exodus: Al-Andalus and Its Jewish Diasporas by Ruth F. Davis
  27. My Father’s Guitar & Other Imaginary Things: True Stories by Joseph Skibell
  28. The Mystics of Mile End by Sigal Samuel
  29. The Name of God in Jewish Thought: A Philosophical Analysis of Mystical Traditions from Apocalyptic to Kabbalah by Michael T Miller
  30. Nine Dancers of Light by Shannon Silverstein
  31. No Mission is Impossible by Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal
  32. Okay, So Look: A Humorous Retelling of the Book of Genesis by Micah Edwards
  33. Paleo Kosher: 18 Easy Diet Cooking Recipes for Fast Weight Loss, Energy Boosting, and Better Health by Alf Forrman
  34. Pastrami on Rye: An Overstuffed History of the Jewish Deli by Ted Merwin
  35. The Peace Process: A Novella and Stories by Bruce Jay Friedman
  36. Peggy Guggenheim: The Shock of the Modern by Francine Prose
  37. A Poet of the Invisible World by Michael Golding
  38. Politics, Faith, and the Making of American Judaism by Peter Adams
  39. Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community by Ron Wolfson
  40. Roman Vishniac Rediscovered by Maya Benton
  41. The Sea Beach Line by Ben Nadler
  42. Searching for Bubbe Fischer: The Path to Mah Jongg Wisdom by Karen Gooen
  43. Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
  44. Stolen Legacy: Nazi Theft and the Quest for Justice at Krausenstrasse 17/18 Berlin by Dina Gold
  45. The Strangers We Became by Cynthia Kaplan Shamash
  46. Those Secrets We Keep by Emily Liebert
  47. TheUnfinished Diary: A Chronicle of Tears by Rabbi Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter
  48. The War Scroll, Violence, War and Peace in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature by Kipp Davis, Kyung S. Baek, Peter W. Flint, and Dorothy M. Peters
  49. The Wayward Moon by Janice Weizman
  50. Where You Go, I Go: The Astonishing Life of Dr. Jacob Eisenbach, Holocaust Survivor and 92-year-old Full-Time Dentist by Karen McCartney
  51. Winegarden by Anthony Ferner
  52. Winning the War of Words: Essays on Zionism and Israel by Einat Wilf
  53. Woody on Rye: Jewishness in the Films and Plays of Woody Allen by Vincent Brook, Marat Grinberg

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in September 2015

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of September 2015:

  1. All About Rosh Hashanah by Judyth Groner and Madeline WiklerAll About Rosh Hashanah by Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler
  2. The Ambassador by Yehuda Avner and Matt Rees
  3. Avigail by Chana Zauderer
  4. Black Earth by Timothy Snyder
  5. The Colors of Israel by Rachel Raz
  6. Days of Awe by Lauren Fox
  7. The Debate Over Jewish Achievement: Exploring the Nature and Nurture of Human Accomplishment by Steven L. Pease
  8. Forever Torn by Jason Greenfield
  9. Gersonides: Judaism within the Limits of Reason by Seymour Feldman
  10. The Grammar of God by Aviya Kushner
  11. Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark Times by Anne C. Heller
  12. High Holiday Porn: A Memoir by Eytan Bayme
  13. The House of Twenty Thousand Books by Sasha Abramsky
  14. How’s Your Faith? An Unlikely Spiritual Journey by David Gregory
  15. Jewish Spiritual Parenting by Rabbi Paul J. Kipnes, Michelle November MSSW
  16. Jewish Stories of Love and Marriage: Folktales, Legends, and Letters by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso and Peninnah Schram
  17. King David & Akavish the Spider by Sylvia Rouss
  18. Let There Be Water by Seth M. Siegel
  19. Maimonides the Rationalist by Herbert A. Davidson
  20. The Mental Yentl: Stories from a Lifelong Student of Crazy by Sally Fingerett
  21. Oedipus in Jerusalem by Kalman J. Kaplan
  22. A Of Many Generations: Judaica and Hebraica from the Taube/Baron Collection by David L. Langenberg
  23. On the Move: A Life by Oliver Sacks
  24. Out of Jordan: A Sabra in the Peace Corps Tells Her Story by Dalya Cohen-Mor
  25. Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott
  26. ThePeriodic Table by Primo Levi
  27. Renewal: Inspirational Lessons of Rosh Hashanah by Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld
  28. The Salt Mine: The Trail of Nazi Blood Money by Patrick Nolan Clark
  29. Saving Sophie by Ronald H. Balson
  30. The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen: A Fresh Take on Tradition by Amelia Saltsman
  31. The Secret of Chabad by David Eliezrie
  32. Shanghai Sukkah by Heidi Smith Hyde
  33. Sisters in Law by Linda Hirshman
  34. Summer Haven: The Catskills, the Holocaust, and the Literary Imagination by Holli Levitsky & Phil Brown
  35. Tightrope: Six Centuries of a Jewish Dynasty by Michael Karpin
  36. Un bon fils (A Good Son) by Pascal Bruckner
  37. Underground in Berlin by Marie Jalowicz Simon
  38. When God is Near: On the High Holidays by Yehuda Amital
  39. White Matter by Janet Sternburg
  40. Why This Black Woman Married a Jewish Man by Nazaree Hines-Starr
  41. Yom Kippur – For Children by Rachel Mintz

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in August 2015

Leaving Berlin by Joseph KanonI have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of August 2015:

  1. Aggados of Chazal by Racheli David and Dov Luria
  2. Bearing Witness: A Personal Perspective on Sixty Years of Polish History by Maria Jarosz and Steven Stoltenberg
  3. The Blind Angel: New Old Chassidic Tales by Tovia Halberstam & Joshua Halberstam
  4. The Boatmaker by John Benditt
  5. The Bridge Builder: The Life and Continuing Legacy of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein by Zev Chafets
  6. Bullets of Palestine by Howard Kaplan
  7. Celebrate the Jewish Holidays with Racheli Morris by Racheli Morris
  8. Conversion – Halakhah and Practice by Menachem Finkelstein
  9. Conversion, Intermarriage, and Jewish Identity by Robert S. Hirt and Adam Mintz
  10. The Disappearance of God by Richard Elliot Friedman
  11. Electric City by Elizabeth Rosner
  12. The Fabric of Religious Life in Medieval Ashkenaz (1000-1300): Creating Sacred Communities by Jeffrey R. Woolf – Scheduled
  13. First Family by Alice Langholt
  14. For Every Season: An introspective guide to renewing ourselves during the High Holidays and throughout the Jewish Year by Jeff Bernhardt
  15. For Such a Time by Kate Breslin
  16. Forever in Faith by Rebbetzin Bluma Teitelbaum with B. Cohen
  17. The Girl from the Garden by Parnaz Foroutan
  18. The Hands of Peace: A Holocaust Survivor’s Fight for Civil Rights in the American South by Marione Ingram
  19. Healing from the Break by Avigail Rosenberg
  20. An Improbable Journey: A True Story of Courage and Survival During World War II by Susan Schenkel, Ph.D.
  21. Index to the Hirsch Chumash by David H. Kerschen
  22. Jacob’s Courage: A Holocaust Love Story by Charles S. Weinblatt
  23. A Jewish Baker’s Pastry Secrets by George Greenstein
  24. Jewish Community Life in Budapest by Verő-Bán Linda
  25. Jewish Honor Courts: Revenge, Retribution, and Reconciliation in Europe and Israel after the Holocaust by Laura Jockusch and Gabriel N. Finder
  26. Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes: 120 Holiday and Everyday Dishes Made Easy by Laura Frankel
  27. Jewish Voices in Feminism: Transnational Perspectives by Nelly Las
  28. Joshua 1-12: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Thomas B. Dozeman
  29. Landscapes of Memory and Impunity: The Aftermath of the AMIA Bombing in Jewish Argentina by Annette Levine and Natasha Zaretsky
  30. The Language of Paradise by Barbara Klein Moss
  31. The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach by Pam Jenoff
  32. Leaving Berlin by Joseph Kanon
  33. Lord, Get Me High! by Elchanan Shoff
  34. The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman
  35. Memory Unearthed: The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross by Bernice Eisenstein
  36. Menachem Kellner: Jewish Universalism by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Aaron W. Hughes
  37. Orphan Number Eight by Kim van Alkemade
  38. Pedigree by Patrick Modiano
  39. Penina Levine Is a Hard-boiled Egg by Rebecca O’Connell
  40. Pinnacle Lust by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre
  41. A Political and Economic History of the Jews of Afghanistan by Sara Koplik
  42. The Prisoners of Breendonk: Personal Histories from a World War II Concentration Camp by James M. Deem
  43. The Quest for Jewish Belief and Identity in the Graphic Novel by Stephen E. Tabachnick
  44. A Remarkable Kindness by Diana Bletter
  45. Scripture and Tradition: Rabbi Akiva and the Triumph of Midrash by Azzan Yadin-Israel
  46. Sexuality and the Body in New Religious Zionist Discourse by Avi Sagi & Yakir Englander
  47. The Shemittah Guide by Yissachar Dov Krakowski
  48. The Sound of Our Steps by Ronit Matalon
  49. The Street Sweeper by Elliot Perlman
  50. Teacher’s Planner for Jewish Day Schools and Home Schools (Yoman) by Alexander Seinfeld
  51. This Is Not a Love Story by Judy Brown
  52. To Stand & Serve: On Being a Kohen; Essays in Memory of Marc Weinberg
  53. Uncovered: How I Left Hasidic Life and Finally Came Home by Leah Lax
  54. The Voyage by Roberta Kagan
  55. Was 70 CE a Watershed in Jewish History? by Daniel R. Schwartz and Zeev Weiss
  56. Woman of Valor by Lihi Lapid
  57. Working Toward Moshiach by Roy S. Neuberger
  58. You Are My Sunshine by Roberta Kagan
  59. Zionism in Damascus: Ideology and Activity in the Jewish Community at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century by Yaron Harel

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in June and July 2015

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of June and July 2015:

  1. Above Us Only SkyAbove Us Only Sky by Michele Young-Stone by Michele Young-Stone
  2. After the Holocaust: In spite of everything, I remain an optimist: Remembering Noah Flug by Bettina Schaefer
  3. Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide by Michael B. Oren
  4. Alouette’s Dream by Andrew Jonathan Fine
  5. TheArchive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust by Lisa Moses Leff
  6. Archivist on a Bicycle: Jiří Fiedler edited by Helen Epstein and Wilma Iggers
  7. Bitter Bronx: Thirteen Stories by Jerome Charyn
  8. Book of Numbers by Joshua Cohen
  9. Broken on the inside: The War never ended by Simon Hammelburg
  10. Can I Wear My Kippah on Job Interviews? by Rachel Margolin and Lavie Margolin
  11. Changing the Immutable: How Orthodox Judaism Rewrites Its History by Marc B. Shapiro
  12. TheChemist’s Shop by Richard Brumer
  13. Chief Rabbi Hertz: The Wars of the Lord by Derek Taylor
  14. A Dictionary of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic of the Talmudic and Geonic Periods by Michael Sokoloff
  15. TheDream by H. E. Kline
  16. Enemy in the Garden: A Novel of Intrigue and Suspense by Harriet Pike
  17. Exiles in Sepharad: The Jewish Millennium in Spain by Jeffrey Gorsky
  18. TheFirst to be Destroyed: The Jewish Community of Kleczew and the Beginning of the Final Solution by
  19. Forgiving Maximo Rothman by A. J. Sidransky
  20. Freedom’s Island by Sabra Waldfogel
  21. Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker by Julian Voloj
  22. Halakhic Realities: Collected Essays on Brain Death by Zev Farber
  23. Hasidism Incarnate by Shaul Maggid
  24. History of Modern Jewish Religious Philosophy by Eliezer Schweid
  25. The History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Assaf Selzer
  26. TheHolocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews by Patrick Desbois and Paul A. Shapiro
  27. In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume
  28. Inheriting Abraham: The Legacy of the Patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam by Jon D. Levenson
  29. Inside the Bubble by Noga Niv
  30. Israeli Feminist Scholarship: Gender, Zionism, and Difference by Esther Fuchs
  31. TheJazz Palace by Mary Morris
  32. Jewish İstanbul – A Collection of Memoirs and Illustrations by Roz Kohen
  33. Jewish Jokes: Gags and Funny Stories in the Great Jewish Tradition by Hugh Morrison
  34. Jewish Ludmir: The History and Tragedy of the Jewish Community of Volodymyr-Volynsky: A Regional History by Volodymir Muzychenko
  35. Jewish New York: A History and Guide to Neighborhoods, Synagogues, and Eateries by Paul M. Kaplan
  36. TheJewish Oil Magnates of Galicia by Julien Hirszhaut / Valerie Schatzker
  37. TheJewish Olympics: The History of the Maccabiah Games by Ron Kaplan
  38. Jewish Pittsburgh (Images of America) by Barbara Burstin
  39. Jews Against Themselves by Edward Alexander
  40. TheJews and the Bible by Jean-Christophe Attias
  41. TheKilling Rituals: Espionage & Terrorism Thriller by Nir Zamir
  42. TheKoren Mesorat HaRav Kinot, The Complete Tisha B’Av Service with Commentary by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
  43. Kosher Movies: A Film Critic Discovers Life Lessons at the Cinema by Herbert J. Cohen
  44. Last Folio: A Photographic Memory by Yuri Dojc and Katya Krausova
  45. Léon Blum: Prime Minister, Socialist, Zionist by Pierre Birnbaum
  46. TheLion’s Gate: On the Front Lines of the Six Day War by Steven Pressfield
  47. Lucky Us by Amy Bloom
  48. TheMaking of the Abrahamic Religions in Late Antiquity by Guy G. Stroumsa
  49. TheMan Who Stalked Einstein: How Nazi Scientist Philipp Lenard Changed the Course of History by Bruce J. Hillman
  50. A Master Plan for Rescue by Janis Cooke Newman
  51. TheMathematician’s Shiva by Stuart Rojstaczer
  52. Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor by Martin Greenfield & Wynton Hall
  53. Modern Hebrew: The Past and Future of a Revitalized Language by Norman Berdichevsky
  54. TheNew Kosher: Simple Recipes to Savor & Share by Kim Kushner
  55. No Joke: Making Jewish Humor by Ruth R. Wisse
  56. ThePinch by Steve Stern
  57. ThePolish Underground and the Jews, 1939–1945 by Joshua D. Zimmerman
  58. ThePromised Land by Roberta Kagan
  59. Remember the Scorpion by Isaac Goldemberg
  60. Run You Down by Julia Dahl
  61. TheSeven Good Years by Etgar Keret
  62. Shelter Us by Laura Nicole Diamond
  63. Social Concern and Left Politics in Jewish America Art, 1880-1940 by Matthew Baigell
  64. Somewhere There Is Still a Sun by Michael Gruenbaum and Todd Hasak-Lowy
  65. TheSons of Scripture by Mikhail Kizilov
  66. TheStory of an Underground: The Resistance of the Jews of Kovno in the Second World War by Dov Levin and Zvie A. Brown
  67. TheSunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein
  68. The Value of the Particular: Lessons from Judaism and the Modern Jewish Experience by Michael Zank and Ingrid Anderson
  69. TheTheory and Practice of Universal Ethics – The Noahide Laws by Dr. Rabbi Shimon Dovid Cowen
  70. Warsaw. The Jewish Metropolis: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Professor Antony Polonsky by Glenn Dynner and François Guesnet
  71. When Europe Was a Prison Camp: Father and Son Memoirs, 1940-1941 by Otto Schrag and Peter Schrag
  72. When the Diamonds Were Gone: A Jewish Refugee Comes of Age in America in the 1940s by Julian Padowicz
  73. TheWriting on the Wall: A Catalogue of Judaica Broadsides from the Valmadonna Trust Library by
  74. Your Guide to the Jewish Holidays: From Shofar to Seder by Cantor Matt Axelrod
  75. TheZionist Entity: The Jewish State In The 21st Century by David Levy

Books posted on my Jewish Books blog in December 2014

I have a blog about Jewish books. Most of the time I post about new books, sometimes about events, book sales or older books. Here is the list of books that made it there during the month of December 2014: