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Mini review of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Emma E. Haldy

Martin Luther King, Jr. by Emma E. Haldy

Last month on MLK day one of the bedtime books I read for my first grader daughter was an age appropriate, mini biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. She has been studying about Reverend King for several weeks beforehand at school so she was already familiar with the topic and the person. Seeing real photographs from his life enhanced her knowledge and experience. I was delighted to see the 8 photos and share it with her. The words of the book were a bit too simplistic for her vocabulary, but too advanced for her current reading level. It must be hard to find the right balance between these two for first graders. Even though the book used  a simple, sharp looking, sans-serif font, 2-6 lines at every double page, she liked listening to it as opposed to reading it. 

Get the ebook/Kindle, the hardcover or the Spanish paperback edition.

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